Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Last Year

Ah the weather, ah the seasons, how they so gloriously change!   Here February 15, 2014 in our very local vicinity.

In my last post, only a few short days ago, a 1978 Yamaha XS650 Special was photographed in this very spot on our driveway.  Granted, the driveway wasn't completely dry and late summer rock hard the other day...I'll grant you that there were indeed some soft spots, but certainly nothing one of those GS/DS/Dirty bikes were required to use for transport.  The ol' Yammie couldn't have wouldn't have done a 40 mile loop on local roads 362 days ago.

Or this.....

The sun goes down, comes up and things eventually take their turn......

If it weren't for old photographs, a guy could almost forget those colder, shorter days.  As I always (like to) say, this is how averages are made.


  1. So what you are saying is this winter wasn't as bad as last year?

    Ours has been super mild compared to last year.

    And hooray for tomorrow and the first day of Spring.

    1. You nailed it Brandy, a milder and gentler one. It just seemed like a fitting post and reminder as winter rushes away.

  2. Makes 2014 look pretty grim by comparison. Was this one of your earliest "first rides"?

    I think this has been a somewhat normal winter though we could've used more snow...

    1. Probably one of the earliest that comfortably ridden. I was dressed on the light side and still had fun. We often have some nice days early but for all sorts of reasons, scheduling and timing the serious ones, those early rides in this nice of weather have been rare. I'm hoping to ride this weekend but it won't be as pleasantly easy and may not be again for weeks.