Saturday, March 28, 2015

Road Trip, Part 1 Friday

Plans for the trip this weekend started weeks ago, well actually the real roots of the plan began longer ago than that.  It was over a year ago that I quite accidentally became acquainted with the Good Lovelies, a trio made up of 3 very talented women musicians based in Toronto.  (I took no photos and won't use someone else's, click the link)

Sometime last year I visited their website, curious about concert dates and locations, only to discover that most if not all were spread far and wide across Canada or along the east coast of the USA.  Disappointed I resigned myself to the continued listening to their recordings with the idea that hopefully someday it would be fun to see the group perform live.

This winter while looking at my maps and trying to make plans for summer riding trips, the thought suddenly occurred to me that I might possibly plan a trip to one of this season's concert locations.  Checking their website back in February, I was surprised and very pleased to see that there were 3 dates in March next door in Wisconsin, next door in Wisconsin being at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center which is completely across the width of the entire state.  Friday the 27th the definite favorite, I quickly walked around the corner and asked the rest of the Coop family to see who might be interested in joining me for a trip to the east coast of Wisconsin at the end of March.  When I mentioned the concert, Lauren put her hand up right away, "I'll go!"

Tickets purchased, motel reservations made and a lunch stop was planned on the way over with riding friend John but then a few weeks ago, Lauren suddenly discovered that she'd already committed the date to substitute with an area orchestra so we two very quickly turned into just me.  While the primary plans for the weekend had been established, a second stop was being considered, namely the Harley Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee for Saturday morning, a mere hour south of where the 'Lovelies were performing.  I hadn't been yet and after hearing only many good things, it seemed the perfect time to visit.

Much consideration was given to a Road Trip Partner, someone that would both appreciate the concert as well as the HD Museum.  Only one name came to mind, namely Mr. J.P.  To his credit, he accepted my invitation knowing only that we'd be attending a concert, the artist(s) a complete secret on Friday evening though there was full disclosure about the planned Saturday morning stop at the Museum.  Just recently having sold his old W.D. (45 cu. in.)  along with a truckload worth of extra parts, his interest in visiting the renowned museum pretty much pegged the meter.

Here right on time Friday morning, we parked J.P.'s car and hopped in ours for the trip east.  The 4 1/2 hours to our planned lunch stop that would be east of Madison went quickly.....we had much to discuss.

"Frank Sinatra?"


More discussion about life, riding, history, likes/dislikes, which bike(s) next......

"Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young?"

"Not this trip"

My lips were sealed but he did get a smile in return.

I didn't need the GPS to find our luncheon rendezvous point but it was extremely helpful in planning the time since ETA can be determined down to the minutes.  With an advance phone call, we met John and Gayle right on time, then drove a few blocks to a relaxing, discussion-filled hour and a half meal in Lake Mills.  With promises made to meet again in a few weeks at the May version of Slimey Crud, J.P. and I headed NE on County A (cross country, we'd seen enough of I-94), working our way up to Wisconsin Hwy 60. 

We quickly checked in at our Jackson motel (J.P.....I don't remember, did we freshen up??), then headed north to the nearest HD dealer in West Bend to check out the new-to-me 500 and 750 models.  I was primed on the differences between these two by my Road Trip Partner as well as the details on the vast number of models of the other, larger V-Twins on their show floor.  Somehow Yamaha V-Stars came up (J.P. had one...we've both considered being future owners) so we did another "motorcycle shops" search on the GPS, gambling that the next multi-brand dealer would carry new Yamahas.

They did not but we saw some fine, clean, other brand used ones.

By then it was time to get something to eat and head to the concert hall.  On the way out to the car I said "them" when referring to our performers for the evening and Jim caught it, looked over at me with a smile but I didn't seem to notice.

The Cedarburg Performing Arts Center is an incredible hall, connected to the Cedarburg High School.  We found out that Caroline, Kerri and Sue had spent the day pre-sound check with the high school students, amazing when you think about it.  From what we could tell, it had been a rewarding day for students and Artists alike, quite an opportunity for both.  We two agreed that the area is lucky with its treasures.

We had excellent, 2nd row, front and center seats and the young women put on quite a show.  I thoroughly enjoyed their talents, virtuosity and showmanship.  Known for their voices and harmonies, I heard all that I'd hoped for and more.  Their acapella version of "Heebie Jeebies" the encore, Caroline, Kerri and Sue arm in arm with their toes almost literally hanging off the front of the stage was a very fine way to end the show.

These young women, all married, some of them mothers, their families now quite literally spread across the entire expanse of Canada will hopefully stay together as a group.  I'm going to do my best to hear and see them again live as soon as I can.

Road Trip, Part 2 Saturday.......... tomorrow's Post with more American Iron photos than you can shake a stick at.


  1. Hmmm, I'm going to look for their music. Haven't heard of them before.

    1. Original, very well done and fun; highly recommended. :)

  2. Haven't heard of them either. Interestingly they are going to perform in June not far away from where I live. I am going to check them out.
    And hey, it's not unusual to travel for concerts, my hubby does it all the time. Tonight he will be in Switzerland again, and in August we will fly to London to see another performance.

    1. Sonja, I looked last night to check out where/when I might see them next. In just a few weeks they will be closer to the south than there were this weekend to the east. It just may happen.....

    2. I saw that many of their summer locations looked German. Last year I think they focused on Australia. I'm sure Roland will enjoy London and that you'll enjoy the Canadians.

  3. Doug, I have Crabbuckit from Let the rain fall. Love that song. I need to buy more of their music. Too bad Lauren was tied up. Nothing better than a father daughter road trip.

    1. David, a favorite of mine that they performed Friday night. I have all of their music and will soon have their upcoming album to be released in May. Their "Live at the Revolution" is the best one to start with, almost like being with them live and I think very representative. Studio work can hide things, nothing was hidden at Cedarburg.

      As you mention, I was very much looking forward to our trip together and honestly, easily would have gone alone with a free ticket for someone over there. A road trip was what cinched the deal with her mother and I a long time ago....

      J.P. was and is very thankful and has let Lauren know that her loss was his huge gain.

  4. Brad read this last night and we looked up the group. I enjoyed their music. It had a old timey good feel to it.

    Thanks for sharing this so we can all enjoy.

    1. Fun and feel good.....I'm pretty sure we all left the concert the other night with lighter steps.

  5. Coop I'd heard of them when they won the Juno but hadn't really paid much attention to them until your post. I've a friend who really likes the Good Lovlies as well ... seems they're performing not far from me next month.

    1. It was on CBC that I heard them do Coen's "Hallelujah" early one morning and once I did a bit of digging as well as listening, they hooked me. Seems they're based not all that far from you or were? Kingston gets mentioned anyway.

      Interesting to me that now they're doing dates in Wisconsin and Iowa, back to Ontario for the release of their new album before heading to Europe. I may just get down to Iowa in a month if only to see them in another venue. If you go or know anyone that might, I'd be interested to hear.