Monday, October 27, 2014

3 In A Row

A late October, Wisconsin weekend with Friday, Saturday and Sunday providing not only acceptable but fine weather for riding.  Just think of it!!

We did our best to take full advantage and that meant capping it off with an Extremely Fine ride on Sunday, actually the end crescendo of the 3 day group.

I'd call this riding weather.....

Once again our Route was created on the laptop ahead of time, my goal to string together some (not all!) of my favorites in the area east of the Chippewa River and just a bit further away from the Mississippi River.  Already in to the weekend, I contacted Eric, wondering if just possibly he might be up for joining us since the planned riding area was sort of mid-way between the two of us.  Pleased to hear back from him in the affirmative, some serious backwards-forwards scheduling needed to be calculated.  When I say I'm gonna be there, I'm gonna be there.  Picking a meeting spot for lunch and coordinating the rendezvous time placed a great deal of responsibility on Route execution.

It's a very good thing that I enjoy this high level planning to the extent that I do.

Ben and I stopped here on Serum Road for a break....but not too long of break. :)

Serum Road a bit further on and in motion.

Eide Bluff Road.......

Carl Valley Road.......

We made it this time....Ben's Bear Place from last week's interrupted ride and we did it with no oil leaking and two finely running engines.

Senn Bluff Road......

Almost perfect planning by both riding parties had us in downtown Mondovi within minutes of each the front end of the agreed upon time.  Eric and friend Hootie were ahead of us by only a couple of minutes.

After lunch, a quick gas stop and then south, our group of 3 bikes and 4 riders had some exploring to do.  We stopped here at a spot that should be marked on world maps as an official Overlook View.

Buell's Valley Road.......

Stop at County X to make sure everyone was still on board.

On to Nelson for that ice cream that I'd promised and when we came back out, saw that this nice old Honda was parked next to our group.  I'd very proudly own this one and I've not said that about very many of those Golden Wings.

Ready to depart and head our separate ways.  Eric and Hootie ready to head for home.  It was great to meet Hootie and ride with you again Eric, it's always going to be a pleasure!  Ben really enjoyed the day, thanks to you all for being part of it.


  1. Beautiful scenery. I'm loving those dirt roads. I stick to paved for now, but I hear those dirt roads calling.

    1. bluecat, nice to see you here and thanks for stopping by! It's been fun going back to the dirt roads, was where I started. The scary part is it was just about a half century ago but we won't dwell on that. Don't wait too long?? :)

  2. That was one phenomenal weekend of riding. Love the photos ... they are making me think about what direction to ride in 2015.

    1. Karen, we got more than we deserved and it has been much appreciated. You'd have fun over here and the paved outnumber the 'nons' by a factor of at least 10.

      Keep us in mind.

  3. That's quite a ride. That line on the map is as squiggly as they come.

    1. Hey David, I seek them out on the maps and they seldom disappoint.

  4. I'm having riding weather envy. And those roads look awesome. Way to make us all jelly.

    1. I've not given up yet, we still might sneak in some miles. This weekend there's a Swan Ride that needs participation.

  5. Replies
    1. Deb, Fourteen's riding season is definitely on the wane and we're doing our best to make these last ones count.