Sunday, October 26, 2014

October Saturday

Early morning sunshine, some of us were up to enjoy it.

Ben and I suited up not long after our thermometer broke 50 degrees.  Today's ride was a clockwise loop, crossing the river at Red Wing, then working our way through Wisconsin down to Nelson, the next bridge crossing downriver.

Red Wing's Barn Bluff coming up on our right.  History tells us that 153 years ago Mr. Thoreau visited the peak on his trip West.  We just rode past today though we've been up on top numerous times.

On 450th St.....this a common sight today while we were up and out of the valleys.

 The always fun 410th Street......

 At the western edge of Wisconsin Rustic Road helmet cam lens violated.

First of 4 water crossings.......

Crossing #4, the climb out of the valley just ahead.

The other end of the Rustic Road just ahead....

Foster Road, Bogus Road down to State Highway 35 along the river and into Pepin, Wisconsin.

 Stopping for lunch at the Pickle Factory was our goal at this point and on our way along the riverfront, we passed both the Flyway Film Festival that I'd mentioned here as well as the very popular Harbor View Cafe ("Best From Scratch").  Reservations almost necessary, seems there's often a wait hence the pastel chairs.

Up Jahnke Hill and on top, Agriculture was in motion around every corner.

I had warned Ben that when I gave the signal on Goat Back Road, he was to be ready for the possibility of pooches on the road.......there was only one today though he looked the sort that might be very willing to compensate for his missing mates.

The long and winding Elk Creek Road..........

After winding our way back down to Nelson, we parked for ice cream, crossed the river back into Minnesota and headed north.  We stopped to buy apples from Ben's sister (I bought, she carried home) while she manned the store.  This morning as I type she's in-flight on her way to Portland for an audition.

Almost home, we used Territorial Road, one of Minnesota's earliest transportation paths, working our way back to Frontenac, with a quick loop through the parking lot at the beach on Lake Pepin.

Today we'll do it again once the heavy frost clears; I'll get the bug off from the helmet cam and make better use of the hand held for normal photographs.  Ben has probably worked up enough of a tolerance now for all of the stops I make.

One more very dandy day!


  1. Beautiful riding weather! And just the name "Pickle Factory" makes the food sound wonderful. Yesterday, we went to a place with a pretzle roll thanksgiving sandwich. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce plus the normal sandwich makings. Pretty tasty with the pepper jack tomato soup.

    1. Richard, I very much doubt that a better Thanksgiving sandwich could exist....anywhere! That sounds so, so good to me.

  2. A beautiful fall day for riding. I was surprised to see how many leaves are already on the ground. They are hanging on around here.

    1. It does seem that all we have to do is blink and one whole section of a tree is's happening quickly now.

  3. I was also noticing the advanced state of your fall season. In our neck of the woods it's still harvest time (late crops and wine mostly), and leaves are just beginning to turn.

    I am glad you got a patient and understanding riding buddy for all those pics.

    1. I'm pretty sure that most of the garden crops are in now that light frosts have happened. Our agricultural soybeans are mostly complete though lots of field corn is still in the fields.

      One of the reasons I've been playing with my helmet cam is to get photos w/o stopping. Yesterday I tried to stop for a few more and only partly accomplished my goal.

  4. What awesome weather you seem to be having. Your trees seem to be on par with ours in eastern Ontario for welcoming winter ... Looked like a spectacular ride, thanks for sharing.

    1. I'll be commenting tonight on our string of fine weather; yesterday's ride was as Eric put it, "Perfect."