Sunday, July 27, 2014

Little Log House and Antique Power Show - 2014

Ben and I arrived fairly early at the event north of Miesville this morning; the breezes and cooler, drier air very welcoming to us both, especially so to someone fresh from North Carolina.  There early enough not long after opening, we had most of the grounds to ourselves; the site is huge and there's plenty of room for many.

It has been a number of years since Ben had been there and I was pleased that he was interested in going along.

We saw smoke and heard steam so that was to be our first attraction visited.....

From there we headed over to the small engine building.  I never got the memo warning me that this Operator was going to bend over to make adjustments.......

At the other end of the building, this larger engine was making power with all sorts of things spinning.......

Wheels.......there were things spinning everywhere, machines and mechanisms on wheels even when or where they may not even be needed......

 This is one of only a handful of these ever built.  Always interested in technology, I was fascinated by the carbon fiber visor attachment thing.........

High powered garden tractors.......V6's here.....

The Big 8 here......

This was in the Flea Market area though I saw no actual Royal Enfields associated with this trailer.

We saw old cars and things related to old automobiles.......

We visited this old General Store, initially built in 1897 and located in nearby Vermillion, Minnesota....


We visited the Bordello......well, we didn't really visit it but we were in its vicinity and saw these ladies of the night rushing may truly be that poor but that's only speculation on our part, Ben and I have no real idea.

Down to the blacksmith area, these roses were for sale.  I'm still not sure what they really were or how they were made.....they were very pretty though.

The little pup was there again, waiting for customers.......

This couple was more than willing to play......she's going to catch the ball (never missed) that almost appears as a tail light on the distant golf cart.

Sylvia's gardens, the work of her Master Gardener experience and of those of her more wheel in motion.

We walked down to the quarry where real work was on the cusp of getting started......

A license plate I've not seen before.......

Smoooooth..........and no, this is not a Volkswagen.

Back up to Small Engine Hill where we saw this Ferris Wheel getting adjusted........

Cutting and 'burning' cedar shingles.......they were slicing with too much effort......

So the tractor on the belt was stopped, the guard went up and the file came up to give the big saw blade a sharpening touch-up.

When this crowd gathers, it's a sure sign of an upcoming 'incident' that will almost assuredly involve some sort of gun play.......

On our way out......

Note:  This is a historical photo, taken in the mostly recent past and has nothing whatsoever to do with our visit to the Little Log House and Antique Power Show.


  1. Coop an awesome event ... and awesome sky behind most of the photos. We have a homesteader days here each year, my Dad used to love and come see the old tractors, but it is nothing the scale of your show which looks a little more permanent and has no ladies of the night driving golf carts! (And quit teasing us all with the cherry pies!)

    1. It was a very September-like day; bright warm sun would suddenly be dark clouds and a rain shower. The event is large and growing with lots of "old" everywhere.

      OK, no more fruit photos. :)

  2. Very cool show of the old tractors and steam engines. What are the over-powered garden tractors for? Show or pulling competitions?

    1. I think he just enjoys fabricating them. Never remember asking if he sells them or where they end up since there seem to be few repeats from year to year.

  3. A fun day out with so much to see. The weather looks good too.

    My favorite photo is of the Mercantile. I love the drama of the skies and green combined with the blooming purple Liatris.

    1. The sky was truly something; the weather not very July-ish. I seem to remember that you helped me with flower names last year......I still will need lots of flower name help next year too, so be ready!

  4. What a great event. I wanted to say more but I lost my train of thought due to the pie. Looks yummy.

    1. Sonja, It really is a lot of fun, seems that everyone could find something there to enjoy. It sounds like any future pie reporting that I do will have to be on the Q.T.

  5. Wow! Looks like a fun day!

    And I have to say, I'm glad to see the Cottage View Drive-In sign was rescued. I'd meant to get a photo of the Triumph in front of it, but that sneaky Wal-mart tore it down before I got there again...

    1. Lucky, the Bauer's are saving a lot of old things we'll be grateful for someday. Our VJMC group had some bikes on the grounds over the weekend......I can imagine a Triumph stopping for a few moments in front of that sign for a quick photo.

  6. There is nothing remotely like that near here.

    Farmers are amazing tinkerers. When my son Andrew was playing hockey we went to games in rural communities. In one arena they had rigged hoists for the nets. I think they did it just for the joy of tinkering with motors, pulleys, ropes, chains, and hooks.

    1. David,
      There are some big shows here in the Midwest like this. I can remember joining my folks and grandparents when I was a little guy since my grandfather was a real lover of steam powered anything. These days seeing the great grandsons and granddaughters with their bibs on and big work gloves working at building pressure in the boilers makes me smile....the tradition hasn't died yet.