Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Iowa Byway - Delaware Crossing - River Bluffs

I left Peosta this morning and it was almost too cool.  Using the old US 20 that parallels the new 4 lane version, I headed west to Delaware.

Something I see often here in southern IA and in MO are ponds.  Some are strictly for erosion control, some for cattle but many are for decoration and recreation.

Historical Lenox College in Hopkinstown, open from 1859 - 1944.

Making my way counterclockwise around Delaware Crossing, here heading north.

Near Delhi, just before I made it to the south end of the lake....the woodsiest road so far this trip.

I expected to see a lake here near Delhi; my maps said there would be one but in 2010, there was a severe breach of the dam and this is the result.

I headed north to Strawberry Point where I stopped for lunch, at that point only 14 or so miles from Elkader and the rally site.  Freshening up the Strawberry.......

Arrival in the Elkader City Park.  I set my tent up, counted maybe 10 or 12 other early arriving riders and then headed out to do a section of the River Bluffs Byway, some of which I'd done during previous rallies.

The Turkey River flows right through town, the town protected very well from floods due to the huge dike that's been built along the river.

On the River Bluffs Byway, just a lovely afternoon in some very pretty country. 

Downtown St. Olaf where Scotty hosts, or more accurately, corrals a bunch of us every fall for the Pork Tenderloin Ride.

More scenes from the ride.....

I've got a photo of this house with the TW200 rather than the Guzzi on a previous trip.

I'm Posting today's ride from the Fayette Public Library after convincing the wary librarian that I would behave myself.  WiFi may be in short supply the next few days in Elkader.  My next post, whenever it happens will likely be from the Treats on Bridgestreet coffee shop.

I'll finish this loop of the River Bluffs route, heading east through Volga.  Fayette is a college town and looks like a place even I'd like to attend higher learning.  Today I'll just ride through on my way back to Elkader.


  1. Such beautiful scenery.

    Did you manage to partake in a strawberry treat at Strawberry Point?

  2. This corner of the state is not like the Iowa most people imagine. Old, old glaciers and erosion into the Mississippi valley is responsible.

    I had lunch in a diner with high back seating. Of all the visible flavors, peach sounded the best. Only after I stood up to leave did I see strawberry rhubarb at the bottom.

    The peach was not a mistake. :)

  3. My, this is beautiful, and the colours are so crisp. The air must be quite clean in the area. I am liking it.

    1. Sonja, a cool front came through, lowering the temps and clearing the air. Warm and hazy has returned.

  4. Awesome, open, fantastic riding country!

    Enjoy the rally too!

    1. Lots of open, lots of roads and some pretty, varied scenery.

  5. Beautiful countryside Coop. I love to see the old parts of the country that people don't expect.

    1. I think that's fun too, finding things close that were/are unknown.