Saturday, July 20, 2013

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Well I can safely say that today was a much nicer event for me than the one I attended last year.  The weather was better overall, I had more fun and I certainly felt better.

Breakfast was certainly a treat... Jess brought me the Special at Pier 4 and I couldn't make it all go away.

Yes, there had been a dollop of whipped cream right in the center as well and it just sort of, well you know..... fell off the stack, right down into the eaten area.

It was a mostly direct path down to Viroqua today and for the first time ever, after many, many times passing by, I stopped in Trempealeau to get a shot of the Big Fish (thanks for the inspiration Dom).

The event is held in behind Driftless Books and Music, the bookstore housed in this old tobacco warehouse building.  Once upon a time, tobacco was big business in southern Wisconsin.  I fully intended to go in and browse through my favorite section but never even set foot inside today.

I never made it inside but it looks like the Amish gentleman did go in to hunt for a book.

The black ones seemed to be the early birds.....

We had this music...

and we had this mom has one of these instruments but hers doesn't get plugged in to anything.

These two guys hadn't seen each other for awhile......

S&S, a local company......

Three Conni's

A hit last year and that hasn't changed.....

I believe that I overheard there was a Kawasaki KZ rally that was meeting in the region.

John's and Bob's bikes......

Mary's sidecar rig and I had the chance to meet Joe, the previous owner.

More Triumphs, many of them from the nearby BBC Rally I'm guessing?

There are many places in Wisconsin that these 3 guys are forbidden to gather and you can tell they'll soon be be up to something again.


  1. Do they serve portions like that in MN, too? ;^) Too bad about the whipped cream. It had a good life and went out in glory.

    Not only have I never been to that bookshop, I don't even recognize it! I need to whirl 'round down there again soon.

    There are fields of tobacco right here in Madisonland! Surprised me!

    1. Martha,
      I in fact celebrated that 'cream's time on my plate but doing it proper justice. The shop contains a literal warehouse of titles, the collection huge. When I go in, it's to look at odd, seldom scene regional books and I've found some very good ones.

      A few years ago, I'd happen on some very random big-leaf fields growing down in those SW WI counties but not recently. Possibly the market comes and goes as well.

  2. Nice rally in a peaceful, quiet setting!

    I lived among the Amish for 7 seasons. No better "road companions" in my estimation. They understand "slow and cautious"! LOL

    Glad you had a wonderful time.

    It all made me hungry...gonna go get breakfast now!

    1. Deb,
      I'd agree with you about the good "road companions". I know where most of the pockets of settlement are in those SW corners of the state and I really enjoy riding through the neighborhoods, always welcomed with hearty waves.

      Enjoy your breaking of the fast!