Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Log House Antique Power Show

Little Log House Antique Power Show

There's actually a lot in that title and there's much contained in the event.  I've attended most every year for the last dozen or so and always find new things to enjoy.  That's in part due to the fact that there's a lot to take in but it also has to do with the fact that the show is growing each year, evolving in new directions.  The Show opened at 8 and I was there at 7:45.  Traffic backed up later like I'd not seen it before.

We had 52 degrees this morning when I got up with lots of blustery wind which isn't exactly what July is normally made of, even here in the Northland.  Sunny clear skies mid-morning turned to clouds and showers; skies that looked October-ish and felt that way too, let me tell you.  Young stylish women in shorts and T-shirts looked even cooler than I was and I was none too comfortable.  I joked on my way back to the car with the couple that I was walking next to that most years I can't wait to get into the car and turn the A/C the heater was precious.

Lots of the VJMC and Antique Cycle Club guys were down, most of them for the first time, displaying a few of their machines.

I'll refrain from much more verbiage (yes, I can when I think it proper) and let the photos do the talking this time....for the most part anyway.

I left the cats home but I wonder how involved the procedure is?

Dakota Rose's Pink Palace...lucky for me none of the Working Girls were up and outside yet.

The lovely gardens......

Something of almost everything here....

Dad's dad, upon seeing a large house, large automobile, large farm or most anything (or anyone) large, would comment, "they can't be smoking Bull Durham".  According to him, this was the tobacco of choice on the lower rung.

Some things very big and very new....

We always put rocks in ours, as ballast to keep the front end down.  It never entered my mind to put a growing pot up there.

Some of my distant cousins showed up again.....these are the ones that no one likes to talk about and the very ones that seldom get invited to family functions any longer.

More Cadets than you can shake a stick at.

I went back later to check up on her....she appeared to be just as chilled after the weather turned as before.

This sign was salvaged from one of the last movie theaters in the area....soon to be a very large Wshopping center.

General Purpose my foot.....

The little pup.....

She waited for someone to stop right in front of her, she'd drop and push the ball to her new partner, then catch it when rolled back to her.  She was very patient here, later when the crowds arrived, she got very busy.  I played 5 times and she was hoping for more.

The St. Croix Horse and Carriage Society was featured in one of the to me that we even had one.

I managed to fight temptation at this booth and bought nothing.

Mike checking out the Nash.....

The Germans were there....

The G.I.'s too......we missed the afternoon's skirmish but after all the noise, things seemed to get peaceful quickly.

Tractors that drove themselves....

but weren't all that productive....

There were folks trying to get something done in the quarry however.

The Hastings Spiral Bridge Replica

Remember the Car Hop that wasn't real??  This is a real woman, dressed for July in Minnesota....Southern Minnesota.

This the ultimate in no fuss-no muss gardening.....

It's nice to have a plan as well as a schedule....

Soldier's lining up for the parade.

.....and the Waterloo Boy warming up for the parade.


  1. Thanks for all the pictures. I've always wanted to check that out, but never found the time.

    1. Erik,
      There are various shows around like this as you know...this one's a big one and growing. Close to home, this is my 'Pioneer' show of choice. I hear Almelund is a good one, more convenient for you.

  2. What a fascinating place!

    It's always a good idea to "pencil in" your daily robberies!

    Loved seeing all this...

    1. Thanks Deb, I always have fun there. Having everyone on the 'same page' makes complete sense, right?

  3. What a great event. So many things to see and do and photograph. How did you manage to contain yourself?

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures. The purple Liatris flowers in the foreground of the third picture down really caught my eye. And that pink and white Nash is something too.

    1. Each year I seem to focus on the mechanical things, there are so many as-produced old marvels as well as things that, well, some very creative minds have managed to meld together. In last year's Post, I highlighted the V8 self propelled manure spreader. Human creativity seems to know no bounds.

      There, purple Liatris is another thing I've learned from yesterday's fun....thank you!

  4. SonjaM posting: I couldn't have resisted buying some of the signs... I love those outings myself. So much to see, so little time.

  5. Honestly, I thought more than once about going back and getting more than tempted by a sign but I didn't do it. If it hadn't been so cold and rainy, my plan was to go back to the "Caricatures with Dignity" and get mine done on the way out. As of this writing, my first caricature is still to be.

  6. Is that really the old Porky's from St. Paul? The Cottage View Drive-In sign looks familiar.

  7. Both are real and original. Mr. Bauer, Mr. Little Log House and Antique Power Show, runs all over the Midwest, collecting and moving old signs, churches, steeples, buildings, homes, stores, etc., giving them permanent homes. This is and was Porky's.

  8. What's the scoop on Mike's cool shoes?

    Let's hope Conchscooter doesn't see that real MN woman dressed for July. I don't know if he could handle the shock. Heck, even I almost got out my stocking cap yesterday!

    That is quite an event. I can see why it's so popular. Something for everyone and nearly everyone you know is participating or visiting!

    1. What you can't see is Mike's tuxedo T-shirt. He dresses with a flair for fashion that I obviously lack.

    2. Then that probably means you don't know what brand shoe that is...

      Forgot to mention I enjoyed the bit with the mannequin.

    3. Peg and I just had lunch with he and Mrs. still worn. I didn't ask but will. If anyone is ever in the vicinity of The Stockholm Pie Shop I can't stress enough the absolute need to stop.

  9. great event... lot's of history...makes ya appreciate what we drive today. But.. was that viscous brown cur properly registered ? :)

    1. Registered? Good question....her master was blacksmithing so I don't blame the pup for playing where she was.

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  11. The old tracters are great! At one time had a couple oldies, but time passes... Had to laugh at the little Dachsie, we have one that sleeps with his ball and carries it everywhere all day. He just loves a game of catch!

  12. The old tractors were once the main thrust of the Power Show and the primary reason that I went but other exhibits and features are creeping in. This little girl was certainly excited about getting her exercise with the least amount of effort.