Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Chapter Closed and Memories Refreshed

With instructions to rest and relax this weekend, I've been for the most part very obedient.  Even though today's temps are cool, the warm sun has been strong enough to compensate for the light breezes.  Being outside and working in the pasture with my back to the wind, it felt warm and pleasant, the sun still high enough in the sky to bring good comfort.  I love these days and always have.

The reason I was in the pasture was that I was pulling down electric fence wire and insulators in preparation for pulling T posts, something that will happen either later this fall or next spring.  For the first time since our horses (and goat) left a couple of weeks ago, I was out in 'their' area and missed them dreadfully.  Each day I find myself checking for them with a quick glance, either out in their loafing shed or up in the valley.  I know I won't see them but looking for and checking on them is such a habit that I haven't been able to help myself. My afternoon was full of memories; girls with calloused hands on reins, dirty boots, dusty jeans, girls and their friends, jump stands, lunging ropes, combed manes and tails, girls........

The three animals left quite abruptly two weeks ago; an exchange that at the time seemed both timely, expedient and prudent but that didn't make it easy for any of us, nor for me.  With discussions on what to do with them going on all summer, an opportunity to send all three creatures to the same place suddenly presented itself, a place where they'd be cared for and loved was something we simply had to take advantage of.

I had a few tears the afternoon they trailered out the driveway and had a few more today, missing their pestering and 'help' while I was out in their area, taking apart their place on our farm.  We've had animals as well as fences on our land almost since the first days that we arrived here and now both are mostly gone.

New chapters continue to open and naturally some have to close to make room for what's to come.  This one has been a long, lovely one and a tough one to close.


  1. I felt the same way when my 2 boys left home.... but, I got over it pretty quick... :)

  2. What can I say? Some of my best friends have been animals.....I guess I can't help myself.