Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Short Ride

It wasn't quick, though it didn't last very long.  You could count on one hand the rides I've taken this season on a weekday.  Most of my rides are done on a weekend day or entire weekend.  Yesterday I was home from work early, the sun was out, compelling me to put the Darien Light on and see a bit of gravel.

Taking the long way to Lake City for gas, I made a loop on roads that of course I've been on before, but not often nor recently.  Even with our dry weather, plant life that is supposed to be green at this time of year was green, always a nice contrast with the shades of yellow-brown and darker in the woods and in farmer's fields.

A thirty mile ride, far beyond satisfactory and I don't say that very often for ~45 minutes of riding.


  1. Just stopping by and saying hello.

    I found your blog through Erik and I am looking forward to following along with your riding adventures.

  2. Hi Coop - like Trobairitz I found your link through Erik's blog. Nice to meet you.

    1. Nice to meet you too VStar. Now that I've 'met' you folks, I'll go back and revisit the Posts from your trip this summer. Names and avatars are familiar.

      Thanks for checking in! Doug

  3. Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out Doug's blog... I'm sure he'll enjoy yours too.

  4. Hi Coop:

    Erik sent me too. It's great that you got to meet each other. Other than commuting I mainly ride on the weekends too.

    Any ride, no matter how short can feel liberating

    Riding the Wet Coast
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  5. Thanks for stopping by and joining in all! I already sort of know you folks from Erik's writings and now we all have even more in common. I'll have more to say (and show) about our breakfast yesterday as well as my weekend that was supposed to be on two wheels.