Saturday, August 18, 2012

MN Guzzi Rally; a short visit

Normally I'd have gone for the weekend and arrived Friday afternoon, but someone (many) had overbooked this weekend, so I was only able to get away for the day.  Perfect is descriptive enough to describe the weather we enjoyed, though it was a bit of a cool start for what I'm still going to get away with calling a mid-August day.  Our thermometer said 48 degrees this morning, so between all of the things going on and the cool air outside, I wasn't in a huge rush to be on the road at sunrise.

Left at 8AM and arrived in Money Creek just before 10.  I was disappointed to not to see a certain Dave and Gene there, but there were a couple of other Dave's that I hadn't seen in too long to make up for it.  Having not seen Tony (and brother) for a couple of years, it was great to spend time catching up with them.  Les and crew were there, Ernie decided to make it a riding weekend rather than a vending one and Steve came up from Iowa on his Guzzi.  Tim and his wife even stopped by for a visit, though they were in a convertible for an area reunion and not on the BMW.

John decided to leave his RS100 home and bring the hack instead.

Various modifications and adaptations, justified and proven by years as well as miles of use.

A nice, clean Cagiva SS650.......

Dave and Justin arrived just after noon and found various kindred side car enthusiasts.....

A quiet registration area since most riders were out making appropriate use of the area's great roads in the beautiful weather.

Steve's Iowa Guzzi.....

Dave and I decided it was time to head for home.  We headed up the hill, not paying attention to the Road Closed signs, riding through some real construction on the Rushford side of the hill.  Stopping for a late lunch at The Creamery, then headed for home with a nice mix of County roads and gravel, parting near Elgin, I heading back to Frontenac.  189 miles on the Morphous today.

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