Sunday, August 26, 2012

A short ride today

With so many other things to take care of in light of being gone on the scooter the entire Labor Day weekend, I kept my ride to a nice 105 miles today.  Not starting early, breakfast in Alma was busy and had it not been for my being the perfect candidate for the solo table in the corner, I'd have waited in line.  Breakfast was good as always, the wait staff on their toes keeping the customers moving through.

I mixed some gravel in today, more than I've normally done on the Morphous but the long and low Yamaha doesn't seem to mind, handling well enough in the small rocks.  Stopping for only one photo today, it happened on Serum Road.  The only unique thing about today's ride was that I did the long stretch of quiet gravel in the westerly direction, possibly the very first time, at least that I can remember.  Seems I've always done it from the other end.

A short work week will see me on the road early Friday, heading for our annual Wildcat Mountain Rally.  Easily arriving by late morning, I'll have a chance for plenty of Vernon County riding in the afternoon, then gather back at the rally site to say hello to many old friends I won't have seen since last year's gathering.  Saturday we'll all join for breakfast, then split up into small groups to enjoy the area roads.  Sunday I'll be leading the "Smell the Roses" ride, purposely following some of the narrowest and most crooked paved roads at a slow and leisurely pace.  We'll stop at various places, do a lunch and ice cream stop and still leave time for another shorter loop to allow everyone back for the evening banquet and plenty of socializing after.  After breakfast Monday morning, we split for home.

I can't wait!

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