Thursday, June 7, 2012

AHRMA Road America Weekend

I arrived in Fond du Lac last night (Wed.) just before dark and unloaded one bike off the trailer this morning, a 4 1/2 hour trip from Frontenac.

Riding the Ascot today around the region today, I'll load it back on the trailer tonight and be at Road America early tomorrow morning to set up camp in the Carousel, the camping area used on-site at the track.

Very much a day of wandering, the Track that I left on my GPS of my recorded path looked as though there was little rhyme or reason to my ride and that really sums it up.  Initially I thought I'd make a big clockwise loop heading southwest from Fond du Lac.  It started that way but then I headed southeast of town and did a loop that was more of a counter clockwise circle.  Lake Michigan seemed to be calling me and I wanted to get there sooner rather than later.

Southwest of town, the Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.......

A Rustic Road that I'd not taken before, primarily because it wasn't yet established the last time I visited Horicon.

From Horicon it was east to Dundee for lunch at the Hamburger Haus, the 2nd time I've stopped there for lunch.

After the customary burger, I stopped at the nearby Ice Age Trail Visitor Center.  After speaking to the attendant about her scooter that she watched me admiring outside, I sat down in the amphitheater to watch a film on the history of glaciers in Wisconsin.

These aren't otters, rather kids enjoying a lake that the glaciers left behind.

Coming around a corner, I saw a sidecar rig ahead of me, then sped up and was delighted when the outfit pulled over into a quiet church parking lot.  If anyone is more excited about scooter-carrying sidecars, I can't imagine who it would be.  Mary certainly enjoys hers!

Her Silverwing and 'car made a very nice looking rig.

Mary and I stopped near New Fane, she then continued south and I turned east toward the Lake.  Through Random Lake and on to Cedar Grove to Amsterdam Park on Lake Michigan.  This beach was very quiet.

Using back roads, I rode north to Kohler-Andrae beach but just north of Oostburg I went past a farmyard and saw two Helix scooters for sale in the yard.  One, an '84 just like mine and an older red one, both listed for $2000.

The beach walk at Kohler-Andrae State Park and my 3rd Visitor Center visit of the day.

From the park, it was north to the Sheboygan waterfront.

Charter fishing boats......

The Mucky Duck.....

Walking out to the end of the pier......

Leaving Sheboygan, I took County PP through Sheboygan Falls, following the old 23 that we used to take before the State highway was widened and modernized.  PP turned to C, then back on to 23 into Fondy.  189 miles for the day, bike loaded on the trailer and ready to set up camp at the track tomorrow.

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