Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Morphous finally arrives

I say finally because this particular Yamaha Morphous (2007 model) was owned by some friends and at least as I remember things, mention was made to them a couple of years ago that if they were ever in the mood to sell it, to please let me know.  Over the winter, an email arrived wondering if I was still interested.......I was and responded to confirm.  We decided that we'd wait for better weather and a couple of weeks ago, that weather arrived.  With a visit during the week and today's License Center transaction, the deal was complete.

Our daughter came along (early) up to Diamond's with me for traditional Saturday coffee so that I could ride the scooter home, she following in the car.  After the normal lies and old, told-as-often-as-required stories, the two of us left for the southern suburb, arriving at the agreed upon time for the official transfer process.  Last minute info was shared about the scooter's few quirks and highlights, I then suited up for the rainy, 50 degree ride home.

The Morph made the trip with aplomb, never missing a beat and handling the blustery south wind very well.  The tall Jurock windshield shook a bit in the blasts but provided much appreciated coverage.  I left my earplugs home, deciding that this one time I'd ride without to listen for any suspicious sounds, heard none, deciding that going without the plugs was a mistake.  Once on the 4 lane highway, I maintained the posted 65mph no problem, being passed by many, the prevailing speed seemed to be 70 or more.  We stopped at the half way point for lunch, then made the rest of the 60 mile trip home after our hot soup.

Impressions from the hour's ride mostly match my short test ride mid-week on the quiet suburban residential streets.  The Morph feels smoother, a bit quieter, geared slightly taller ( maybe it's just a higher redline - 9000 RPM?) with slightly less weather coverage than my Helix.  Seat of the pants power feels about the same, but I'll be a better judge of that after spending more time on roads that better reflect my normal riding.

As mentioned above, the only optional equipment is the taller Jurock shield.  I'll add a couple of power outlets for my GPS and tender/heated gear/charger access.  A luggage rack for this one isn't in the cards; my MotoFizz bag should supplement the underseat and trunk storage just fine.

3650 miles on the odometer today, ready for many more.

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  1. "I'll be a better judge of that after spending more time on roads that better reflect my normal riding."

    There is nothing "normal" about your riding, Mr. Cooper. I have tried to follow you to no avail. Good luck with your new baby. :) Chip

  2. Very cool ride. Nice to see you to are helping the economy. Do you still have the Helix? I rode to Canada via the North Shore yesterday. I needed a photo in Canada.

    I only had rain on the way home from Two Harbors to south of Duluth. The rest of the day was clear but windy and cool. I had forgotten how beautiful the ride along the lake can be.

    Wish you the best with the new ride. Hopefully we can hook up sometime soon.


    1. Hey Jeff, I've got all kinds of CA photos; a quick email would have saved you a trip. Moonshine next weekend? You'll be replacing a tire before I even get a thousand miles in. We'll meet some time this year for sure. Doug

    2. Moonshine for sure. I have been been by your place once already this year and did not have time to stop. I need to make more of an effort. I am going to be in Soldiers Grove the whole week of the 4th of July maybe......

  3. Where's the engine?

  4. The Reactor is just below that bump on the front part of the seat.