Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Steamboat Days Car Show, Winona Minnesota - 2024/06/15

While we were at the Hiawatha BMW Rally a couple of weeks ago, breakfast was being enjoyed in Peterson when a heretofore unknown fellow motorcyclist walked in amongst the patrons and magically picked me out of the crowd as "the guy who's riding the Himalayan".  Himalayan Mike (they need nicknames cuz the stack of Mikes is getting high) shared info on his collection of unique and special machines but we really connected over our shared enthusiasm for our Himalayan's.

Himalayan Mike will have future presence on the blog I'm sure but he's being mentioned now because of his invitation to attend the Car Show festivities in Winona.  After a busy morning in wet Minneapolis, I hustled down to Winona to see what I could see.



I didn't pay much attention to the cars....this was for the Mike that you all know.

Thanks Skip for sharing your shop with us!


  1. Nice set of pics there Coop, I like the closeups of the "less sexy" details on the motorcycles.

    1. Thanks Dom, I was fascinated with the unusual details on the Zundapps...stuff I'd not seen or noticed before. The closer I looked the more I saw.

  2. Replies
    1. Didn't see it. I think Steve has passed, not sure about the car's status/location these days.