Thursday, January 11, 2024

Quick Update and Preview - 2024/01/11

It's been over a week since I last Posted, thought I'd get at least something put 'out there'.  I can't say there's been a great deal accomplished but there's been much attempted.  There's a big dog hoping for walks and we've done them, something we both enjoy once we're out there and going.  The hundreds of deer leave us mostly alone....that is if we carefully pick our times for outdoor adventure.  Our chickens are once again laying and expecting a certain amount of care, we'll soon have an overabundance of product in our larder.  Mom's becoming less independent and I suppose that's only natural after having just celebrated her 95th.

My part time employment at the Big W is going as expected....I'm stronger, now weigh less, am a tiny bit richer and can know EXACTLY what's at Aisle L5-6-47.  Things are starting to build up in the woodshop (there's a laser and a router on my motorcycle lift), a new 3D printer and I'm once more attempting to study and be proficient enough at lofting surfaces.  There are more new books received at Christmas to read and no, I'm not intimated by that stack growing faster than I can get through them.

Not a single motorcycle has been touched since the Pie Chart odometer checks.

Boy, winter better last at least another 5...6 months, right?!!

Here's what I'm hoping will be covered soon, likely next.....and is currently in process.


  1. New toys are always fun and Happy New Year!!!

    1. Always is right...Thanks Richard, to you and family as well!