Sunday, September 17, 2023

An Auto Autumn Ride - 2023/09/17

Fantastically beautiful weather these last days, a quick brief shower on Friday (0.15" here) took the top layer of dust down, a welcome change on our gravel roads.  Peg is back from GA, Ben has graduated from Army Ranger School, both Peg and Bri were present for the ceremony.  I kept the chickens and Arthur company while Peg was south.

It was a short week of work mixed in with keeping things together on the farm, so no motorcycle activity.  Today that changed.

I decided a picnic lunch was in order, my ofttimes Carley State Park Quick Overnight Tent Sleep location the perfect place.  It's such a shame that the campground side of things closes on Labor Day, it would be SO nice to camp there in these two beautiful months of Fall.

I parked in the picnic area and walked up to my favorite spot, Site #6.


You just can't eat like this at home...

In other news, Arthur and I got lots of walking in while Peg was gone.  This was a very typical outing for we two.

Congratulations on becoming an Army Ranger Ben, it sounded like a very, very demanding 61 days in extreme summer heat.  We are all very proud of you!

In a couple of weeks, a few of us are off once again on our now annual Northern Wisconsin autumn weekend, something we've been looking forward to since......well..... last year as we were leaving to go home.

Today Peg and I put a cap on 40 official years together.  It has all, every bit of it, been more than good.


  1. Wow ! 40 years ! Con Grats to you and Peg... :)

  2. -grasshoppers and sticks are his hobbies. funny.
    -I see Ben has a (the) Cooper face.
    -40 years...congratulations.

    1. Thanks mo, I agree, he's got his Great Gramp's face.
      40 sounds like a big number, it hasn't felt that way....can't be more than a few long blinks.

  3. Maybe his great gramps face, but I see you, Kevin and your dad in Ben's.

  4. Congrats to you and Peg re your 40th! Special congrats to distinguished grad Ranger Ben. Outstanding!

    1. Really appreciate you saying so, it was a very good week for the family. Ben has wanted the chance to shine as a Ranger from the beginning and managed to accomplish his goal. We're all very proud of him!

      He wants you to know how much your kind words and encouragement meant to him.