Thursday, May 25, 2023

Brianne And Benjamin's Wedding - 2023/05/20

Their wedding was beautiful, Bri's planning for their special day as well as the actual event amazing.  We of course were honored and very proud to be there.  


Manor At Firetower Hill was the venue, located just outside of Lewiston, MI.

The flower pedals were still present after the ceremony....when these aerial photos were taken.

Bri elegantly descended 3 flights of stairs (train and heels!!) to meet her father as well as her husband-to-be under the shelter roof.

Getting ready....

Peg and I (Arthur too) took an extra day going over, stopping in Escanaba at a fun, cozy and comfortable Airbnb.  I mentioned fun....

Arthur could care less about the Mall Of America....

There's a cinnamon roll under there....

HQ Airbnb near Lewiston....

Peg graciously found a 4 bedroom for family....James and Katlyn, Nich and Hanna.

Next weekend these two guys will be dressed differently and happily resigned to tent dwelling, surrounded by BMW's and lots of Other.

Welcome to the family Bri, another daughter we are so proud of and blessed with.


  1. What a beautiful venue for a wedding and a stunning couple ... but back to that cinnamon roll. Is that bacon and peanut butter?

  2. That is pure, glorious maple frosting. Peg asked Sergeant Jay for his best bacon suggestion, that her husband was a discerning enthusiast. This prize the result.

  3. What a beautiful location! And the cinnamon roll looks deadly…

    1. It was a spectacular place for a wedding, yes! That cinnamon roll provided huge happiness!