Sunday, August 22, 2021


 That's right, exactly as you see it.

I just had to share this incredible project build that friend Mike w/friends pursued and followed through on, darned impressive work these very talented fellows accomplished.

BUG FEN.......the Story



  1. Many, many thanks to Doug for putting this YouTube post together. I tell others that we're fortunate to live in a area where there's metal craftsmen, painters.... artist in their field and experts that help someone bring their visions to life.

  2. Completely my pleasure Mike. We all have something to learn from your appreciation of Life.

  3. I so enjoyed the video you made about Mike’s project…neat to see what a talented group of friend’s can do for the love of bikes…thank you so much for making the video…we even found that we could watch it on our big screen 📺….what a treat.

    1. Speedy, I was lucky to be involved in my little way, my skills no match for The Builders. Mike did a fantastic job of documenting...would have been impossible without his daily updates. The videographer at the end did a spectacular job!!