Sunday, June 7, 2020

Undisclosed Weekend Number 2

I really mean it this time, Undisclosed as in undisclosed.  The only folks that knew where I was have the password.  No maps or tracks posted publicly this time.

Why the secrecy, the intrigue?? 

This one was a Research exploration of ideas and the unknown.

Many if not most of my cookware went along, stoves the same.  Multiple knives, even foldable saws.  The new and (much) improved tarp setup was attempted and a huge improvement it was.  Last summer in the Blackhills was my first attempt and performance was woefully short of expectations, to the point that it all had to be taken down.  I went without.  This weekend's setup was a winner with only slight corrections needed.

I went the Permethrin route, treated a couple of outfits to avoid bugs.  The head net was along.  I've seen Black Flies around Lake Superior and as Gramp would have said, I wanted No Truck with them.  The crazy, unbelievable thing was, there WERE no Black Flies!  Not a one.  Mosquitoes were around but in controllable populations.  I had my citronella candle and I did put, only a couple, squirts of OFF! on the back of my wrists, back of my neck and around my bare ankles when the riding boots weren't on.  I remember two itchy spots....I've got discipline, just enough.

The big Undisclosed part though, this was my first ever Dispersed (wild) Camping.  I did a lot of Satellite view searching, trying to find the right combination of access, privacy, following all rules but still far enough off the beaten path for quiet solitude, the ultimate goal.  No water, no outhouse, no parking ramp, no Pay Station, no Host Couple, not much of anything except silent northern Wisconsin woods.  I kept watching tracks in the sand, from both directions on My Road.  A truck came part way down but not as far as I was and turned around. I kept watching tracks because I was out exploring other potential sites Friday afternoon and much of the day Saturday, but the only tracks were mine.  Late Saturday, while I was cooking dinner, I heard them.  Spaced out proper dust-cloud distances, 3 UTV's went whizzing past, all three startled couples looked my way but didn't slow down as they flew past.  They flew past.  The machines are too good, take all of the work out of going fast on roads not meant for speed.  Not much I can do other than stay out of their way, something earlier in the day I almost did not.

Things went very well with my site otherwise.  I did find a couple other potentials but as of right now, I'll try this same spot again, both with the van/trailer combination as well as the bike/tent/tarp combination.  I've got a plan that needs a bit more refinement.  For a first time, things went well and I'm very pleased.

Early Friday afternoon in Drummond on my way, where I turned north then passing just a few hundred yards east of the Delta Diner.  It was a cook-my-own weekend but the temptation was great, let me tell you!

My eventual street....

This was across the street, right in front of my van.  Could those scratches be anything other than bear claws??

I rode up to Cornucopia after unloading Friday and curious, stopped at the airstrip.

Very surprised to see a plane there, this couple just finishing getting things secure.

This airstrip has an amazing memory for me since it was where I had the best plane ride of my life.  Mrs. Coop hadn't been a Coop very long when we were up in Corny for a family gathering.  I heard a Stearman rotary flying overhead and could tell that it obviously was landing.  Peg and I hustled over to the 'airport' and got there just as the plane was taxing up near the gravel parking lot.  The plane had been at the airshow in Duluth and he was on his way back to the Chicago area.

I had remembered hearing about the show.  It was 1987 (had to look it up), the year that the French Concorde made an appearance.  No airplane enthusiast, I knew enough to know a little about rotaries and Stearman's from discussions with Gramp.

The pilot knew a sucker when he heard one, "Want a ride...20 bucks?"  I had the leather helmet on and was in the front seat in no time.  Like I said, the very best plane ride I've ever taken.  When I flew my MS Flight Simulator, guess which plane was my preferred wing(s) of choice?

The ever flowing spring in Cornucopia...never without someone filling multi gallon jugs.

The Twin Sisters, Peg's Gramp's boat....every trip, a photo.

Very busy in downtown Corny...


Friday evening back at camp...

My street....

WOJB, the only thing I listen to when I'm north.  You simply can't beat Eclectimania and At Risk Radio With Drew on the weekends.  There is NO cell service, good old fashioned radios work just fine.

Saturday morning coffee....48 degrees.

Saturday morning breakfast....

I was up before it got too windy....

 Horseshoe Lake, the former CCC campsite.

See the angulation of the handlebars?  Something to seriously avoid in deep sand.

I let the pressure down in both tires and things got much better.

A lake I'd not seen before.

Our Herbster campground's shelter has been leveled and a new slab poured!

The Bark River Bog...

Back in Corny on Saturday.

Lunch time...

Where Peg's dad grew up....

Local names I've come to know in the area.

 Peg's Great Aunt Dorice....

Uncle Sonny....remembering the twinkle in his eye brings a tear to mine...right now.  RIP Sonny and Julia.

Saw this Friday, went back to take a better look on Saturday.  I need to return Kevin's call.

Site of the former Lenawee Fire Lookout Tower

All that's left, the footings and this 30' x 30' enclosure.

The tower stood directly behind my bike....

Looking Northeast...

The only puddle I saw all day Friday and Saturday...not sure what was special about this one.  Maybe it's 6' deep?  Note the 3 Viceroy butterflies...I saw many over the weekend.

Late afternoon bannock and Peg's apple jelly.

Saturday evening...

The weather that went through early Sunday convinced me to leave early for home.

Roiling skies above Hayward.

 I stopped at Louie's but I was too early....I didn't wait and left for home.

It's now 9 PM Sunday evening and just a few short hours ago, this rhubarb was being eyed with care by local rabbits.

This is what it looks like opened up with some very startled fresh heavy cream.

Take care all and stay well!

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