Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Undisclosed Location Rally Weekend

It was a motorcycle rally weekend with very low attendance in number of attendees but not in the level of fun and we did it at an undisclosed location.

Thank you Cindy and Eric for hosting in your yard, we all had a great time!

Just because our usual summer rally schedule has now completely fallen apart doesn't mean we can't pick our gathering place and get some very high quality riding in.

669 for my weekend that began Thursday afternoon.  Red Thursday, Green Friday, Blue Saturday and Yellow on Sunday.

I arrived around 5pm, Steve was already setup.

We loaded up and headed to Black River Falls for ice cream after some fantastic kabobs and burgers. 

On the way to ice cream....

I had great fun with this....novel fun since I'm normally not at the back of the pack.  I wonder...which way is Eric going to go??  I was right more than I was wrong....a Great Ride!

 My brother Kevin was hauling down from Minneapolis and by shear luck, knowing that we planned for an ice cream run, amazingly managed to be enjoying his Sunday as we rode in.  None of us can still quite believe the timing of our chance meeting.... same time, same place.

On the way back after ice cream.  Eric was alone on the rig, Kevin behind in his van following us with Cindy riding shotgun inside.

Friday morning, Kev's KLR hauling trailer empty, the bike ready to go.

Steve suiting up....

Eric getting one last look at the Route?

Wildlife??  We saw plenty!

 Coffee in Augusta.....and blueberry.....and peach.

One of 2 Bush's Best Baked Beans plants in the USA; their headquarters in TN.

Another mandatory, sitting down and being served, coffee stop.

This look will likely soon vanish.... it should before the tan gets more prominent....maybe already too late??

Saturday morning, not as many images taken, my video camera memory card full.  A stop here not far from Wisconsin Paul's residence.

The Galesville Town Square....

Hillclimb location next to I-94...maybe this year later in June?

Burger time.....

 Steve's very excited, his first burger 'out' in weeks!!

 Hixton lunch stop....

 Pie #2, Norske Nook.....rhubarb crisp.....raspberry/sour of course.

Sheep both large and small dotting the landscape....

I had the good fortune to try Steve's XR650L Honda...


I had the good fortune to try Paul's KTM 690 Enduro.  It has a bit more zippity doo dah than the Himalayan does.

Wisconsin Paul came over on his GS to say hello, really good to see you again!

Sunday morning, Kevin just about ready to head for home.

Three great evening campfires....

Steve just about packed up.... Paul had left not long before, heading home to KC.

After a bit more bike swapping and stories that needed wrapping up, Steve and I headed back towards Minnesota, he sticking with me until the Frontenac turn off.  We started out on 54 and soon were exploring some side roads that I hadn't been back to for quite awhile.  Lovely weather and a great ride back as we mostly paralleled the river.

Sacia Apple Orchards.....

 Heavy traffic in Nelson....

Steve and I taking the Hwy 63 detour through Lake City, the 2020 High School graduates lining the streets as part of their ceremonies.

A wonderful, first gathering of the year.  It would have been wonderful enough but Cindy's and Eric's hosting was the frosting on top.  We knew Cindy could cook (thanks for the dedicated rhubarb cake!!) but Eric's culinary talents were on display as well and not to be overlooked, nor taken for granted.  Memories are still being formed even though the last weekend in May 2020 is behind us.

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