Sunday, May 17, 2020

Running Hyosung / Walk In The Woods

Monday afternoon the 250 Twin was out, finally running and running it was!  I should have dealt with the fuel supply issues a long time ago.

Another shopping trip into Red Wing on the rig, another lovely afternoon.

Friday morning early I helped Peg's mom with her doctor visit and then it was ride time.  An early afternoon stop at the Eagle Valley Cafe for take out Fish Fry.

A shady spot in the grass...a slice of homemade, the always-included banana creme and some coleslaw to keep things balanced.

Then it was time to wander....

A short video highlighting 4 sections of roads I ran....

 The tightest gravel hairpin that I know of in the area.

Loved the budding ferns here on Markey Bluff Rd.

An afternoon coffee break in Independence, their Island Park.

And it was good...

The very famous Caddie Klink Road corner.

Bisek Ridge Rd....

A couple of young Amish men were salvaging this old abandoned chicken facility.

I wave when I can...

 River Road along the Trempealeau River.

 Wisconsin's Hwy 95.....(sorry about the smudge, I continually forget to check)

Dropping down to the Fountain City Rod and Gun Club's facility.

This valley never disappoints....

Had to visit Whitman Dam Road....had a real adventure one late winter when I locked the keys in the van.  Luckily daughter Lauren found me when AAA could not.  No problems Friday however, just lovely Mississippi flowing backwater.

Again, Lake Pepin and almost home.

A stop at the Lake City Rest Stop for a snack, I wanted my 2nd cup of coffee but it was getting late so I decided against it.

Saturday morning another chance for coffee at Diamonds.

Bikes all Social Distancing....

After coffee, a trip up to GoMoto to see Marty and pick up my freshly shod wheels.  Sharp observers will note my pet moth down there between Helix and Himalayan rubber.  Now that the opossum seems to have left for smellier garbage cans, this moth is the best I can do.

Saturday, evening Woods Walk.

We have a lot of these vines in our woods, this one relatively small in size.  The largest one that I know of is as big around as a gallon paint can.

I was looking for Morel mushrooms and wasn't seeing a single one but there were plenty of other funguses present. 

I ate my fill of these delectables and finally Sunday morning was feeling much less queasy.  I'm no expert but my hunch is that we just haven't had enough heat yet this spring.  The forest floor plants aren't as developed as I remember them on previous successful hunts.  I'll be back out there now that my skills have been sharpened.

Sunday??  Well, Sunday is/was wet.

See that island of Dry between Viroqua and Gays Mills, that tiny tiny spot of green?  That's where we would have been for our Great River Road Rally this weekend sans pandemic.  Dry enough to get our tents and bags on the bike, but a wet ride back up to that 51 degrees.

It's like Memorial Day weekend two weeks early.

So what did I do to pass the time?  Garage time of course, after the towel racks, laundry and fireplace 'adjustment'.  Minuano, Slip Away, Letter From Home, Sisters, Cafe Del Mar, San Lorenzo on repeat at safe but respectable levels.  I wanted to feel it...the garage slab is only 4" thick.

Well mom, what do you think?  I've been busy working on menu items that I can carry as well as cook.  Somehow dad's favorite meal came to mind; baked beans, the pork, pickled onions and fresh baked bread.  Your baking days when the oven was already hot sometimes netted the baked beans.  I don't have a reasonable way of baking on the Coleman so here I did the best I could.  Great Northern beans, bacon pieces and pickled onions, a bit of garlic and some cracked pepper.  Flour tortillas instead of your wonderful fresh bread.  This actually was very good and if not exactly like yours, it sure hit the spot on a cool rainy afternoon.

It's been at least 40 years and this afternoon I felt 10 again....the flavors and memories of the four of us around the table were here.  Thank you.


  1. Too dry here in the Stoner state for mushrooms like that I think....good knowledge to have, which ones being safe to eat!

    1. I only know the morels, there should be more of them worth hunting this week.

  2. What was the fuel problem? Just curious…

    Morels are wonderful, too bad there weren’t more to be found.

    1. I have to believe those small passages were just clogged or plugged. Basically I soaked everything i could get access to.