Sunday, May 10, 2020

First Week In May

We'll get off this calendar theme very soon, I promise.  Warmer weather and more time outside will only help facilitate that.

Another busy week in the kitchen and I've had almost nothing to do with it.  The fermentation pot is once again Blooping...bloop.....bloop....bloop.  The fermentation bubbles are rising through the water that's just under the crock's cover.  We'll soon have a few more varieties of 'kraut.

And this...THIS!  I'm not sure how many cloves gave up their wrapped life but there was a huge bowlful.  I walked in the house the other day and I thought my Moto Guzzi cap was going to be blown clean off my head.  Talk about a garlic bomb!!  We now have a supposedly ample supply of garlic paste and should be vampire-free for the foreseeable future. Other than carrying the gleanings out to the compost pile, my involvement again, minimal.

I have been working on the Hyosung, the first one of the fleet to stubbornly refuse to participate willingly in the 2020 riding season.  Not even a pop so I took the opportunity to get it on the lift (long overdo) and get some important maintenance done.

After the bodywork...lots of hookups.

Been a long time since I've monkeyed with buckets and shims.

Finally, lots of fuel system time and effort.  I kept hoping while trying to start it that I was somehow getting it flooded but that was not to be.  Spark plugs were bone dry.  Contrary to popular opinion I did my best to clean everything that I could get my hands on regarding the fuel path.

It's running but not back together, that's enough time on the GT250R for the First Week In May.  This week it will be outside and back on the road.

There are now a few of them in drydock....

Big news on Scoot's quiet now!!  That is not just fresh paint.

Friday I treated myself to take-out, my first since LockDown....

 The front door was to be the last thing done on our house project so you know what that means (gutters this week).

Late Thursday afternoon, an early dinner in the woods.  No photos of the spam/broccoli/shallots/garlic and just a touch of thickener and soy but you'll have to trust me that it was good.

I did really enjoy my time in the woods.  It was cool, windy though bright and oh that sky!

Saturday morning we social distanced on the sidewalk at Diamonds, it was great to actually see the guys again.

This morning, Sunday, the fireplace felt really good with our hard frost outside.

Again, hoping for the same warmth outside that the fireplace is providing inside.  Hope it's warm and safe with all of you.

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