Tuesday, November 5, 2019

(My) Swan Ride - 2019

I managed to do some flying last week even if the swans were not entertaining us on our ride.  Actually, the Swan Ride has honestly become the First Sunday In November Ride (ending up along the Mississippi River in one location or another).  I've been outside a lot the last week or so and I can attest to the fact that the swans ARE flying, heading south in great numbers.  I see them when it's light but even more fun, hear them as they pass overhead in the dark.

As usual, I didn't begin the ride at the start, rather intercepted the ride as it got closer to my neighborhood.  This year instead of starting in South St. Paul, it began at the Indian Motorcycle Dealer on St. Paul's east side.  My brother was there early and left with the first bunch from what I could gather.  The result, he and riding buddies made Ellsworth before I did so although I waited at the convenience store adjacent to the Ellsworth Creamery, Cheese Curd Capital of the World, they weren't appearing with the smattering of other riders that were.  A quick text to little brother led me south back the way I'd come, going the short way to Bay City and Big Dog Daddy's Roadhouse, the location of the hosted meal.

Kevin's group, appreciating the fact that they'd been arriving early everywhere, went out for another loop, not present when I arrived at the lunch spot either but came rolling in not long after I had my kickstand down.  After a fast hello, he and I decided to cross the river and head back to Red Wing for lunch.

With pie.

I took the slow way back home, quite possibly the last ride this season on two wheels.  There's comfort in knowing that the other Royal Enfield is closest to the big door, the handlebar muffs are installed and ready to see some cooler, more adverse weather.

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