Monday, January 22, 2018

Only Sort Of Potpourri

I think I've blogged with the potpourri word before but this time I've actually got something that smells.

Besides fresh smelling herbs and formerly live plants, I see that a synonym is "medley".  There's a good mix here of the latter..."fresh" isn't exactly the word most would use to describe some of the musty old smelling things I've been going through collections of lately.  Luckily, what I'm sharing here is the best part(s), the images.  You'll have to use your imagination for the scent.

First though, earlier today and the reason I came home early from work.

I thought this purple 'pin stripe' line, sleet, delineating the delta between snow and rain was almost too good.  I don't remember ever seeing a buffer showing such a perfect width; something I would have to do in CAD to get this level of perfection.

 And now.....according to Accuweather, 27 minutes until the snow ceases.  I guess we know which way the winds are blowing, don't we?

Something not as recent but much more so than what follows below, this photo that was taken by my brother in 1974 in the wilds around Avery, ID and not far from the St. Joe River.  I don't remember ever being in the photo, didn't remember that my brother had his camera and how I ever found it in my Great Aunt's things is an even bigger question.  My brother obviously gave this to Aunt Anna, framed under glass and everything.  I'm there in my blue 3/4 helmet on my 1970 Yamaha AT1 Enduro in a jean jacket I'm sure.  I can say with authority, though the photo can't corroborate, that my brother was on his 1970 SL100 Honda.

We were there as a family of 4, visiting one of my dad's cousin's family's, the cousin working for the US Forest Service.  Brother Kevin was so enthralled with the place (perfectly understandable) that he went back the following year as a summer employee.

(How we ever got back to camp without a GPS will forever be a mystery.)

Now we're down to the aromatic stuff....From the 1941 end of year Red Wing Newspaper, the Daily Republican Eagle (still being published!).  I've seen all of these old photos at the local County Historical Society but I didn't have to go out in the cold and nasty to share them; they're right here on top of a big box.

Red Wing built a spiral bridge over the river in the 1890's, replaced by our current Eisenhower Bridge in 1960 and now in 2018, a new bridge is being built, something I've blogged about previously.

This the Hastings bridge but it was almost the same as the one downriver in Red Wing.

Photo courtesy of the Mpls Star and Tribune


  1. I like the spiral wooden bridge. I know that circular bridges are commonplace now with all of the highway on/of ramps but there is something about one made from wood...

    Paper maps are still useful. Add a compass and know how to use it.

    1. Richard,
      I can just remember being in the car coming home from a Christmas gathering, big snowstorm and concern about the tight corners.

      Paper maps are very useful, I don't know how I'd have as much fun planning my trips without them.

  2. Little bit of snow you have there. A good excuse to come home early and work on those projects.

    I enjoyed the old photos and newspapers. So many things happened before our time.

    1. We had almost 50 degrees one day last week, a single day that settled the snow without flooding it. Back to normal now.

      So much change over a period of time that was relatively short. Without a photo here and there, few of us would remember much of it.