Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quick Overnight and Friday

Friday morning I actually got some work done; an afternoon ride was in order.  The Helix has been garage bound most of the season, so was selected for the afternoon ride.

Too many of our roads are still suffering from this summer's hard rains.

Such a perfect day, the Helix running so well....thoughts turned to the incredibly fine forecast for Saturday AND Sunday....MY wheels started planning and in 176 miles, they turned idea forming.

A very casual start Saturday morning, once the decision had been locked in, tent, sleeping bag loaded and I was off......

Outside of Mondovi....

Lots of water in the Flowage......


I stumbled upon this Rustic Road....there were only 104 of them when I was hunting.

North of Clam Lake....

Early dinner in Bayfield at the Manypenny Bistro....

Sauteed trout.....

Site #13 in the Herbster Campground.....the place my 'turning wheels' had been thinking about.

And of course.....

Green, the long way up, Yellow, the more direct way down, including a very nice hour spent with Paul and Michelle.


Visible on my GPS units are some changeable fields..MPH...ETA...MilesToA..Speed Limit, etc.  When I'm not following a Route, I like to engage the Elevation field and have fun sometimes guessing how many feet that I'll be gaining/losing at the next change in geography ahead.  The St. Lawrence Divide cuts East/West just south of Lake Superior and is the geographic line that determines whether water runs up the St. Lawrence Seaway through the Great Lakes or south eventually to the Mississippi.  This high point on the ridge is always interesting for me to pass over and today I was watching my numbers rise, then fall but gradually build as a trend until I was over the high point.  The biggest number I saw on the GPS was 1564 ft. above sea level.  The largest number that the GPS sensed was 1566 ft, seen below.  I use an average of 600 ft. for the level of Lake Superior, an easy number for me to remember and very close to the long term average for the lake.


So, the Helix will hopefully get over it's loved-less condition.  It saw a respectable 736 miles for the weekend.  Next weekend it will be someone else's turn??  :)

My next Post, positively absolutely near guaranteed to be Wyoming - History Part 2.


  1. A wonderful adventure! What a great place to ponder

    1. We know what that beach front camping is like...a place made for pondering.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dom, no clouds to some contrast but oh my, what an evening!

  3. Two wheels, camping, and a sunset? You had a nice weekend. Good for you.

  4. Love the sunsets. Almost an oceanic feel to it.

    1. It's such a perfect place for the western sunsets. Eric and I talked about it back in July when we did our dirt adventure, the sun sets in a different spot on the lake...6 weeks at this time of year can make a real difference. I was camping there on the lake almost exactly a year ago, the camera likely aimed in the exact same spot.

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