Monday, July 3, 2017

Almost July 4 - 2017

Five Days!!!

I don't go back to work until Wednesday and the goal is to reach a fine balance between work and play.  Of course in this case, balance means a heavy bias towards riding.

Thursday evening, dinner in Pepin and pie in Nelson.  I sort of made up my mind that it would be a Helix weekend; a couple of the other machines are being prepped for upcoming rallies/rides.  Late Saturday evening, Eric's email really threw a klinker into my Helix-only weekend but I won't really hold that against him.....he simply didn't know but more on that in a bit.

Speaking of pie, our cherry tree is turning very red and I'm not the only one that notices.  Typically the evening before harvest, the raccoons sneak in and not only clean out the trees, but the little fatties break too many fragile branches as they glutton themselves.  To that end, Thursday evening was electric fence time.  We'll see......

Friday was work day, though I did sneak in an errand and shopping trip in on the Helix.  Lawn mowing, packing for the next rally, chores, things that needed to be done in lieu of my getting them done over the upcoming weekends when.......I'll be away. :)

Saw this big critter out of the corner of my eye while mowing.  My DNR Lizard and Reptile Guide says Fox Snake.  This one just over 50" if my pacing was correct.

I had a fish fry ride on the Helix planned when Peg suddenly declared that it would be a Mexican evening in Lake City which was just fine by me.

Saturday morning, it was an up and going early morning again, me Minneapolis bound in the van for coffee and some errands.  One of the errands was to drop off my Royal Enfield wheel to have a new tire installed, which Marty did on the spot.  A new chain and headlight bulb, all in stock so that I'll have the rig all set for this coming weekend's Iowa Moto Guzzi Rally, my first rally with the sidecar unit.  Things went so quickly at GoMoto, Marty that efficient that I was out of there and on my way home by mid-morning.  The trailer needs some new tires (or will to get to WY and back) so I dealt with that on my way home.

Before the official noon hour, I was on the Helix and headed to Wisconsin.  First stop, Nelson Cheese Factory for a Mr. T sandwich, no ice cream.  A glorious day, weather perfect, the yellow scooter once again affirming its worth in the lineup.

 Eric emailed in the evening, wondering about what I might suggest as a Sunday morning breakfast destination.  As I later explained to him, I did a "windshield wiper thing", looking for something new half way between us and not directly on the vector from his home to mine.  Sure, I could have told him where to go but how much better it would be if I met him there and showed him??

In multitasking mode, I emailed Dave, wondering if a certain Minimum Maintenance road near Rollingstone, MN was still open.  Dave's quick response closed the deal all that much faster.  Within 15 minutes I had a Route planned, an ETA to meet at Bonnie Rae's and a legitimate reason to break ranks with my "Helix Weekend".......and as mentioned above, can't fault Eric, he had no way of knowing this weekend's rules.

 Zumbro Bottoms......deluxe camping and riding for the equine folks.  We stayed in the shadows.

Home in the afternoon, mowing weeds, trimming trees and then a bit of troubleshooting on the old Ford 9N that quit mid-mow.

This morning I was out in the garage just after sunrise getting the Royal Enfield ship shape for next weekend. 


A test ride into town to get some Ford tractor repair parts, a slightly longer way home and more time out in the garage.  I managed to clean a couple of bikes, at least the big accumulated chunks are off.

About the warmest time of day, I decided that it was now or never for cherry harvest.

A pie and jams are being prepared as I type, quite possibly some of it consumed tomorrow??  A break of dawn ride on the Helix is planned.  We'll be off to the Cannon Valley Fair later on, the harness racing, some grilling outside in the evening and fireworks in Lake City.

Wishing everyone a grand and safe July 4th Holiday!


  1. Happy 4th of July! See you in Iowa my friend

    1. Thanks Eric, we're both really looking forward to it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dom, to you and Martha as well! Looked like the two Urals together was just about right.

  3. Agin with the pie pictures? I always get hungry reading your posts. Happy 4th Doug!

    1. Thanks Brandy, we had a great holiday; hope you two as well!

      Off to exotic Iowa early tomorrow!!

  4. Love the pictures of your bowl of what is in Mt. T sandwhich? Enjoyed the picture of the pie...your posts are fun & interesting to read.

  5. My friend Ray Platek mentioned he met a Himalayan fan recently. I received mine in early June and have been having a great time on it. We own a dirt bike school and will occasionally let students try it out for size. I'll be following your blog and see what adventures you get into on it. I have 1200 miles on mine so far and splt time with my 650 Versys and my other dual-sport and dirt bikes (WR250R, KTM520exc, KTM450exc, KDX200, XR200R, CRF230F,etc.)