Saturday, July 16, 2016


Today's plans were too many, too close together.

The things that didn't happen.....
  • I didn't take Lauren to the airport, Peg did.
  • Plans were to get up to Mpls for a Diamond's coffee, never made it.
  • Mike's unveiling (his acquisition's unveiling) at Marty's
  • Last but not least, my annual 3rd weekend in July Lorem Ipsum in Viroqua.
Things that DID happen.....

After weeks of no progress, Katlyn's Tack Cabinet finally saw some more nails, glue and fewer pieces to keep track of.

By mid-afternoon, I got out.  10 minutes before I left, I had no idea which key I was going to turn or which direction I'd head.  The KLR was closest to the door and when I got to the end of the driveway, I turned right.

Along the Zumbro River, canoes, tubers and fisher people......these guys agreed that it was a great day to be "bikin' or floatin'"

Plainview's Lakeside Packing, peas being dumped.

Through some Amish neighborhoods, the shocks of grain all obediently standing sentinel.

For the first time in many trips going near, I rode up to Buena Vista Park above Alma this afternoon.  The nearby farmers were busy chopping hay.

 I walked out to the overlook .......Lock and Dam No. 4 below.


and thought I heard something that wasn't made in Milwaukee show up in the parking lot.  My first thought was that this most likely was the same one that joined us last weekend at the Guzzi Rally in Elkader but I was wrong.  This new Honda and rider were from Madison.

We had a lot to talk about and were mostly wrapping things up when Mr. Curtis Knoll joined us for a chat and chat he did.  Your time and thoughts shared were a treasure Mr. Knoll and yes, we'll make every effort to continue Drinking Milk and Eating Cheese.

The politics discussion was just getting underway when Madison and I got a break after these other riders showed up to discuss tractors.

Stopped in Pepin at the Garden Pub, dining outside with another extremely tasty burger.

Stayed on the Wisconsin side for another Lake Pepin loop, stopped here for a photo of the lake and Point No Point.  We live over there, just off the photo to the left.


  1. Doug, for all that didn't happen, looks like you had a great day!

  2. .. time with family is more important then the things that " didn't happen "... and thanks for clarifying Mike's acquistion unvieling...and not Mike's unvieling... the visual of that is disturbing :)

    1. Mike, I caught myself and thought it best to clarify. Thanks for the invite, sorry I couldn't join the crowd.

      Bike looks like a wonderful specimen and a pretty cool one at that. Can't wait to see it for real.

  3. If this "nothing happened today", I'd like to see one of those days, when "something" happens... ;-)

    1. Sonja, if I'd been able, I'd have squeezed a bit more in but you are right, I should be and am was a very good day.

  4. Nice to meet you at Buena Vista, Redwing. Thank god those Milwaukee twin folks showed up or we'd still be in that parking lot

    -Madison (aka willycrash)

    1. Willy, it was looking that way wasn't it?? More than once we both started away but Curtis wasn't done yet.

      Thanks much for stopping by and for sharing your knowledge of frass yesterday. It was a good day for learning.

  5. You may not have gotten everything on your list accomplished, but you squeezed in time for a ride so it is all good.

  6. Looks like a very good ride indeed for a mid afternoon start.

  7. It's silly really but my habit (it seems to be?) and preference is to start early and then by late afternoon, I'm fading and faded. Saturday I decided to do it more like I used to (younger) and ride into the evening.

    Not very often that I take advantage of a headlight in the PM....did you notice??? Photos like that have been few and far between.