Thursday, March 10, 2016

Too Busy

I've fallen off my almost regular mostly every weekend Posting schedule and even more importantly, I'm far behind keeping up with my Blog friends and their Posts.  For that I'm sorry and will do what I can to get caught up.....sometime.

It's been very busy around here.

Mom fell a few weeks ago and as a result, all sorts of things have changed.  A broken patella led to a thankfully short hospital stay, a knee immobilizer, a walker and now Adult Supervision (my brother and I).  Upcoming is the hurried move to Assisted Living, a house sale and lots of other "ands" that will make for a busy spring, summer and then even more of those "ands".

I'm committed to a couple of side projects, their timing not exactly optimum but then I guess it sometimes goes that way.

We've had an unbelievable early March with some record high temperatures.  Our snow long gone, a flooded driveway for '16 appears to be only in our imaginations. Many of my riding brethren have been out but the nicest days so far seem to always fall on the weekends which are my scheduled times to be with mom.

I did get out this afternoon though, 1.5 miles on the old '81 Honda 400 Automatic.  Frost is coming out and our roads have the look and feel of giant sponges, sponges that as Peg says, "feel like they're reaching up to grab us." Yes, it really does.

It appears that my low budget tuneup on the old neglected Honda accomplished something, the result is that I'm going to follow that up with some new tires and a battery.  The thing runs, I've got faith that it will not only run but run better with a bit more fussing and hopefully will be reliable enough to take me the places I need (want) to go.  It won't be pretty but I'm hoping that it will be handy.

Speaking of reliable, check this wasn't just the 165; these guys were apparently made of steel.

From the Harley Davidson Enthusiast magazine, something dad began to receive once he became an HD owner and then continued to receive for umpteen years post 'cycle ownership, for so long that when he once again became an owner of a Milwaukee machine in the '80's, he didn't need to signup again.....he was already subscribed.  This magazine just happens to be one month older than I am.

I'm very hopeful, just about confident even that my next motorcycle Post will be a more modern, up to date publish with accompanying photos in colour :)


  1. Now yer the owner of two Honda-matics... one a juice box and the other a belt spinner.
    Next we'l turn ya to the dark side and find something with Lucas electrics. :)

    1. Someday I'll have the fortitude for those amazing electron systems....but not right now.

  2. Family comes first. Take care of your mom and we'll all be here ready to read your posts when you have the time.

    1. Thanks Brandy, progress is being made. It's a huge adventure for us all, especially for mom. The last time she moved I was 1.417 years old.

  3. What Brandy said!

    I was where you are with my Dad in 2010. It's a busy flurry of intense activity for months until it settles into a new normal.

    And about that Honda, when I was getting ready to ride the Honda cruiser that Sonja and I co-own away from the dealer, one of the mechanics sauntered by and remarked "Honda, indestructable". You should be good to go, maybe not pretty, or envy inducing, but reliable as the day is long.

    1. David, I've got confidence in the old Honda. It's an ugly duckling but that's never kept me from a certain type of love in the past. New tires this coming week, a battery soon and most likely there will be a rally attended in the next few months.