Saturday, January 16, 2016

Negative 1

Not a bad day to be the heated shop space.  Just came in from the garage, the moon is out big and bright, there's a fresh wind and the snow is crunchy underfoot.

Oldest daughter and I worked on her mobile Tack Trunk today, finishing just about the last bit of sawing.  Our next workday will finally involve some assembly, progress easier to document.  It was a few weeks ago that we were still able to work out next to the bikes in the non-climate controlled area but today, we moved into the heated workshop.  Yes, there's some sawdust but after we swept and Hoovered, the shop may very well be the cleanest it's been in months.

The Honda 400A has had a relatively rough life, suffering conditions far worse than it's less than 1K miles would indicate.  We'll see if we can't bring it back to some serviceable life and again, restoration, lower case "r" or upper case "r" not a consideration.  I want it to run and ride.

You'll note my recent sanction as a "Command Center".  Mike has put me on a map, not sure which one but I'm honored and will do my best to live up to expectations.  He's not shared the Secret Handshake yet but my assumption (and hope) is that I'll earn that tier of accomplishment over time, once I've actually proven myself.

Thanks for the faith Mike!


  1. So, what's a "tack trunk"? Storage for horse stuff?

  2. Also not familiar with the term tack trunk. Please explain...

    Ducati command center... sounds pretty official, Doug. Enjoy!

    1. Richard is correct; Total Tack Cabinet is what the plans officially call it. Katlyn keeps her horse at a stable out of the city and this is a place to store the horse farkles.

      Sonja, it really does sound official doesn't it?