Sunday, April 26, 2015

No Plan

Today was predicted to be the nicest and warmest of the weekend so once the thermometer read in the high 40's (9AM) I was headed down the driveway on the Guzzi.  I stopped at the breakfast place and was curious who the 2 BMW riders might be as I went inside.  Doug and Jack were already seated and after a few hellos and "where to today's" I left them inside and stepped outside onto the patio.  We'll be seeing each other in a few weeks at the Great River Road Rally and do more catching up then.

Our rural world is yet to be very green but the rains this past week are changing things in a hurry.

 Church Hill Road.....

Coddie Klink Road.....

Where a Burn was in progress......

This area has one vista after the next.....makes for very fine riding.  There are valley roads but these up high are favorites.

This building refuses to give up.

A stop on School Road......

Field work, small grain being sown.....

Without contacting each other ahead of time, Dave and I texted each other late morning while out, establishing a planned rendezvous place and time for dinner.  Almost 3 hours before the prearranged meeting, I took the back way into Plum City and there, lo and behold sat Dave's sidecar rig, he and Justin watching the trout in the pond, soaking up some sun and enjoying the sound of the water fountain splashes.

I joined them.

We altered only slightly our dinner plans but were in each others company, a fine ending to the day's ride.  I was surprised when I checked the accumulated GPS mileage for today.....199.9 miles


  1. Given that there was no plan at all, 200 miles plus meeting friends along the road are quite the effort. Looks like spring has finally arrived in your neck of the woods.

    1. The area is very large and yet there's a decent sized group of us that does the majority of our riding there. We do have some of these same stopping/dining places in common. By next weekend it will be a real challenge to see through the woods, instead just in to. I can say with certainty that my next Post will be much denser green. :)

  2. I like that you have so many rolling hills in your area. Things seem to be greening up quite nicely too.

    1. Brandy, believe you me we like that as well! You would honestly think these roads are put in place or maybe remain in place, just for our enjoyment.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how much change a bit of warmth and some rain can bring about in such short order. We're right on the verge of that now so the next couple of weeks will really be a rebirth of sorts.

    1. We've been around enough seasonal turns to know and expect how it all changes but I'm still a bit bedazzled by how quickly things go green and then how complacent I seem to get, as if that's the only way it ever is. Honestly, I enjoy both the front and tail end of summer as much as the full-on part.

  4. I'm like you...I enjoy the "front and tail end" of summer so much myself.

    I've get to get in a long ride, what with rain and working, but you've inspired me!

    Sunday is supposed to be sunny and warm here and I am off work!

    I wish I had some riding buddies. Never have in all my years of riding. Would be fun to hook up for a ride to lunch or something. I envy you, that!

    Que sera~ :-)

    1. Deb, those two are the best aren't they?

      Hope that you were able to get a ride in, weather up here was made for riding all weekend long.

      I'm very lucky to have the friends I have; they mean a great deal to me and I'm the richer for the time we share. I spent most of the weekend with some real gems, that's for sure. Yours are out there, just waiting for you.