Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hide The Tracks?

Something needs to happen.  Just look at the density of these tracks in our backyard.  Either we need more snow to allow for a fresh start....


some warmer weather to make them go away.  Guess what I'm hoping for??

Every few days I go out and knock a few more frozen real apples down for the deer.  The turkeys lack the patience, preferring the crab-apple remnants that haven't yet fallen.  It's fun watching the turkey's race down from the woods; their trots are comical.  I've been out in front of the house where they can't see me as they approach and once they come around the corner at full steam there's a moment there when I wonder if they might try and run me over.  So far, so good.

Official Weather Report. 
  • Cold and snowy November
  • Average December, little snow
  • Mild January, almost no snow
  • Cold February, almost no snow  -  North, mountainous GA had more snow in one day than we've had in Jan. and Feb. combined
  • Extra cold start to March predicted, though things are looking great(er) in the long range forecast.


  1. "Guess what I'm hoping for??"

    More snow for a nice fresh start?

    1. Richard, you had a 50-50 shot at it.

      Sounds like we're due for another 4-8" on Tuesday, high 40's by next weekend. We'll be filling the pool soon.

    2. How about a world class photo of the end result?

  2. Coop, I am done with winter. Please open up the season soon. No more snow pics please, except they involve mountain passes ;-)

    1. Sonja, consider it done. The next Post will be warm and Coastal.

  3. Something tells me you'd like the snow to melt and to be out on two wheels.

    I wish I could send you some sunshine and flower blossoms.