Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It Is Going To Be BIG!!

How big??

Wellll........AHRMA racing and Rockerbox BIG!!

It's happening June 6-8 and in order to be there in time I'll be starting out in just a few hours.

9:00 PM Addendum........

A Kindle UnSelfie Selfie

I trailered over, will spend a couple nights in the motel, then early Friday will be at the track when it opens and we camp trackside.  Tomorrow the sportbike comes off the trailer, plan to make a big loop over to Lake Michigan to watch some waves and toodle around, then put it back on the trailer and once at the track, use the other two to visit the infield, pits and all corners at Road America.

A good weekend will be had!


  1. Coop:

    I had to get my map to see where Plymouth, WI was.

    I don't think you are packed yet. Your bike above is "naked"

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob, I'm glad you made the effort; Plymouth is in a beautiful area of Wisconsin, you may just see more evidence in my next post. :)

      The '69 Honda CT90 was a teaser, it made the trip but did it the easy way, being towed. 239 miles from home, both small Honda's will see duty during the races.

  2. Wow-ie! Camping are ya? :=)

    Watcha ridin'?

    1. Deb, we'll be camping Friday and Saturday nights, I'm living large the next couple of nights in my compact Micro room.

      '69 Honda CT90
      '70 Honda SL100
      '10 Hyosung GT250R

      Stay tuned....... :)

  3. Oooooh now doesn't that sound like heaps of fun. Looking forward to your pictures, trip report, and of course race report.

    1. Had a grand day today exploring on the Hyo and spent a solid few hours watching gulls, waves and pelicans do what they do. Tomorrow very early I arrive at the track gates, first come first serve for the campsites and our group of 6 has a favorite.

  4. Doug, I'd normally say to ride safely, but that advice seems seriously out of step with the plan.

    1. David, I'll take all of the safely you've got. I put a casual 100 miles on today on the 'big' 250, most of the next few days of riding will be on the little ones, the infield, the pits, going from corner to corner.

      I won't be posting anything new until after the weekend, stay tuned.