Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feb 15, 2014 and even better, some Other

Our Valentine's Day was modest as celebrations go; my celebration started when I left work early Friday afternoon in order to make the appointment with my favorite doctor; that visit went very well.  Directly from there, I met Peg for dinner.

The chicken is good, maybe our favorite though now that I'm thinking about it, I'm a huge fan of the chops as well.  The ribs a few weeks ago while our Marine was home were a big bunch of delightful and last night's steak/salmon combo did what it could to challenge my past favorites.  We may need to return for a more final verdict; the Oak wood will still be burning.

Their phone number says it all.......651-388-YUMM

We've got some midday horizontal snow today ( that we absolutely do not need) so I've been busy in the heated shop working on bike #1, that number signifying the first one to get its winter 'check-up'.  The Yamaha is in getting warm, down on the floor unlike the lifted SL100, staged to be #2.

For the above mentioned "Other", I wind back my clock to a May 15 weekend in 2009.  The green on the old Honda is nice but I was desperate for some color shades of hues more Natural.  Here are some greens, some yellow-greens that will (hopefully) be returning soon.

Willow Springs Road

 Badger Hollow....

 My quest that weekend was to cover a small few of Wisconsin's Rustic Roads of which there are now over 110.  This is #70 just outside of Stitzer, WI......Liberty Ridge. 

Hill Road, heading east, the middle section of RR#70 (#70 one of my favorites so far).

A couple of good but jumpy videos were taken along Sleepy Hollow (no clutch noise, that only happens when the clutch is disengaged) but it's become too cumbersome to include them in the Blog.  After the lovely section on Sleepy Hollow, I stopped here at Lovers Lane and Lower Mifflin Road to smell the .......dandelions.  I knew there would be a Valentine's Day reference in here somewhere.

RR#75, Bromley Road

Moundview Road, West Mound in the distance.  This is Wisconsin Guzzi Rally country......Lake Joy campground is not far away.

RR#99 near Potosi.

Downtown Potosi at the brewery.

 Potosi Point that juts out into the wide Mississippi River; Iowa in the distance.

Out at the end of the Point, looking back towards Potosi and the rest of Wisconsin.

Another one....Rustic Road #66.....Kennedy Road

Apple River, IL at the ball field, stopped for a snack and a some water.

One last RR for the ride, # 94 Skinner Hollow and County J

So, it's May and this is rural Wisconsin......I stopped for coffee and a cookie, then noticed a guy carrying these plastic bags from one of the coolers out to his car, this a part of 105lb harvested on that Friday, kept in the cooler at The Natural Bridge Country Store in Rockbridge.  These were to be packed in one pound Ziplocks, then Sunday afternoon were on their way to Madison, each bag for sale at $15.  Need to add that these were all picked by one guy and his son, not an army of hunters the way I seem to find them.

Come on May......the two wheelers and I are ready for you or will be soon!!


  1. It never fails. All my life. In the depth of winter, when I see photos of green and warmth it nearly makes me sick to my stomach. I NEED to get out of here.

    1. Sorry about makes me warmer and hopeful. It will be here before we know it.

  2. Wow! That's quite the haul of mushrooms.

    Nice views of MN back roads. But what is all that green stuff?

    1. Richard, when I saw the guy carrying grocery bags full of mushrooms, I had to go ask what was going on. His son had taken "the day off" from school to help him hunt.

  3. Tinkering on a bike is at least an engaging task while waiting for the snow to clear.
    Thanks for the reminder that there will be warmth and green trees coming eventually . Winter had been a bit dreadful over here, too (even without much of the white stuff). Maybe I'll get the scooter out just for a quick spin that isn't an errand...

    1. I've been toying with running the little green Honda up and down the driveway when it gets buttoned up but that hope has faded.....2-4" more predicted by tomorrow. We aren't green yet but will be soon.

  4. Replies
    1. You may know some of those roads Scott, down in your territory anyway. I found a couple of roads just like this south of Dubuque later that afternoon the day I was in Quad Cities with was a treasure that day especially so with the mood I was in.