Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grand Canyon in Winter - Rest of Story

Images from my wintery trip west...

Headed to our neighbor to the south......"Iowa - A Place To Grow".....but not until it warms up.

Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel

In the Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel

Frisco, Colorado

Glenwood Canyon, 2 lane road, here the mighty Colorado River

Into Utah, leaving the not-as-colorful Colorado

Near Beaver, UT

A little paint, patch the roof, ........

Rhyolite, NV

20 Mule Team (without the mules)  We TV watchers from the 60's will remember seeing these huge carts on Death Valley Days

Death Valley....the low spot without the sea.

Sequoia National Park

The big trees.....

Coop in front of a very big tree

Big snowbanks....little car

Walking around on TOP of those snowbanks, more snow beneath me than I am tall.  I've always thought of this shot as "Sleeping Bear" (not without jammies).

Out Whiskeytown way......

A snowy day at Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lake Shasta.....

Lake Shasta Dam.....

Wupatki National Monument.....

and a couple more from the Grand Canyon.  My 2nd "run in 10 seconds to get back in time" shot.  Here I'm fidgeting with something in my pack or making it look that way.

Blooming cactus along the Colorado River


  1. I just got a second job and now you are making me want to jump in my car and head west...

    Looks like you are a tunnel man. I love tunnels- to drive through, photograph, the lights, the sounds, the colors, the feeling of speeding though.

    The thing about snow is that it's very hard to have it around as an inconvenience. In order to live with the stuff you have to make an adventure out of it.

    1. Martha, just to be clear, these are Vacation Photos, not for relocation. That just may be the secret to living with snow.....adventure where we don't have enough of it otherwise.

    2. I didn't say "relocation"...I just want to drive out there for a long trip. But this is a really bad time to jump in the car and drive away. I don't want to live in the West again. Like you, I'm a Midwesterner and with pride. But as I said earlier- Holland might be nice to try. :^)

  2. This is amazing. I have been in those places another time and another season but I have strong memories about it. Thanks for bringing them back.
    Kudos to you for winter camping. I have not ever had the desire to do so (I guess I would rather have slept in the car…).

    1. Sonja, it's always surprising to me how another visit to a place can change our perception. I'm reminded often when I do something as simple as taking a road in the other direction.

      There were lots of tentless nights on that trip with conditions warmer and a lot more comfortable.

  3. Very neat. Thanks for taking the time to post all of the old pictures.

    That tunnel looks to be quite the feat of engineering. And it worked.

  4. I still find it enjoyable to go back through the photos and bring an old trip back to life. Other than dropping Peg off at the airport, I was in our little valley all day though part of me was far west.

    The engineering to make things work through these long tunnels is a puzzle to me, especially so using the old technologies and equipment.