Friday, June 21, 2013


While at Road America for the AHRMA motorcycle racing a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to witness and experience, from the sidelines, the crazy world of Drifting.  I mentioned in the other Post that I've only seen Motard (motorcross style motorcycles with street tires) racing on this track, at least until this year.  On Saturday, the go-carts were sliding around this dropping-elevation track.  On Sunday, these Drifters were there.

The cars are lined up, towards the top of the hill and then take off through the course, sometimes one right behind the other, slide/spin their way through and then exit between the green pylons at the end.

Sunday evening while eating my dinner at a cafe in Plymouth, the table next to mine was occupied by 3 young men and it didn't take me very long to overhear them speaking of their busy day on "the track".  After listening for a bit, I interrupted them and asked some questions, curious about the how and where (why was broached as well).  I learned that they weren't really a club, that they rented go-cart tracks where they could for prices the group could afford.  I don't ever remember feeling more Grandfather-ish but it was fun, they answered all of my questions and seemed to be happy to share their fun with an old geezer.  I DID find myself guessing that they all must have much higher paying jobs than I have.

It's obvious some of these cars are quite stock, while others had been heavily modified.  I asked if they rode to the event on the same rubber they rode home with....."We bring spares, sometimes not enough of them".


  1. Well, I don't get the point of this drifting practice but as long as they are doing it on a closed track, I'd say: Whatever rocks their boat (or car).

  2. I enjoy this when it's part of the WRC, but otherwise, not. Like most petro sports, it's a lot of noise and pollution. And expense.

  3. Reminded me of an old Moonshine runners movie with the Revenuers in hot pursuit.

  4. I think they've just been watching to many movies. But I guess as long as they are having fun and aren't hurting anyone. Good for them for taking it to the track and not the streets.

    I don't know as if they have good paying jobs or jut still live at home with mom and dad. There seems to be a lot of that around here.