Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's Wrong With Us?

Domestic Violence


  1. It seemed to me that there is a lot of winter female mate murders in these cold lands. But then I realized that I wasn't listening to or reading any news from TX or FL or anywhere else, for that matter.

    Stress and fear cause emotional violence. People can not cope. And then there is the caveman possessiveness factor. Really, humans are still cavemen. We have not advanced that much: we still beat each other up, only our weapons are different. And men still are dragging women by their hair.

  2. I hate people!

    That is why I live my daily life among loving dogs as my main companions!

    (said ''tongue in cheek'', but 99.9% for real)

  3. Kind of makes you wonder what the world is coming too. Our office does criminal defense and domestic relations law so we see a lot of it from both sides. Scary and makes one quite cynical.

    I am so glad that the attorney I work for refuses to get certified to defend those accused of murder even though they are innocent until proven guilty.

  4. Is it the long winter that make people do these things? Terrible.