Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Helix finally sees some sunshine....

After only an early spring ride on the CN250, Sunday I finally got out for a nice 110 mile loop.  Since I picked the Yamaha Morphous up in early spring, I've only been on the Helix for one decent ride all season.  The weather was great this past weekend and even though I had all sorts of projects going (more to start), a ride trumped the other priorities and the little wheels got a chance to do some spinning.

For all of the things that I enjoy about my 'newer' Yamaha, the Helix really shines in some ways of its own.  It's lighter, something about the seating and riding position fits me better and there's more room to change positions.  The Yamaha speedometer is close to agreeing with my GPS but the Helix is spot on.  Anyway, the point is it felt really good to be back on the yellow one for a nice Sunday ride.

Stopping for what turned out to be the lunch special in Alma, I visited for a bit with Paul before walking outside and just as I was reaching for my jacket and helmet, I looked up river and saw the Queen of the Mississippi approaching the Alma Lock and Dam.

Once the big paddlewheeler entered the Lock, I headed south, up "E", "N", and then "T", winding my way through Praag, Montana and Waumandee.  Back across the river, then took the back way into Lake City and got home in time to get some more chores done.  A quick and mostly direct 100 miler but a good one too.

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