Sunday, August 13, 2023

Early August - 2023/08

Just a mix of things it seems, ends and mostly odds but in my mind at least, some bits worth sharing.

Of course there has been riding, mixed short and only a couple of longer rides but each and every one continues to bring smiles, even the quick jaunts.  I've shared the Tracks from some of my 'Around the lake' rides and now there has been another one, with ever expanding loops it seems.

This one another 'just a wander' but soon after I began the decision was made to make it a Highway Ride and there was very little else.

I took over when dad stopped (no longer able) making sure that his parents' graves had flowers each summer.  I don't pay the extra for watering, instead rely on the good graces of Nature to keep the flowers bright.  Once my ride started north, the Barron Cemetery seemed like the right place to go and besides, I needed to check on my investment.

The afternoon got warm and believe it or not, I was getting sleepy.  Cold and sweet sounded ideal.

The garden is (has gotten) getting away from us.  You knew about the pickles and sauerkraut, here were a couple of images that I neglected to include....

Peg mixing the seasoning and salt to get the brine started.

As Slaw Master, my only remaining physical capability was the pushing of the RECORD button.  And besides, as I've told her on more than one occasion, "You're so good at that!"

The other major harvesting that continues in the garden is my capturing of the Asian Beetles during the cooler, less bright times of day.  There's sweet satisfaction in sharing them with the chickens from my little container and watching them run/fly over to me whenever they see the container in my hand is priceless.

Speaking of chickens, the chicklets are being integrated in with the older birds and it's all gone much smoother than we'd hoped.  Something we've not done before, there was apprehension about mixing them since we've heard that it isn't always a peaceful coexistence.  But it's gone well.

Continuing with the livestock theme, Arthur is doing well.

Still our favorite lap dog....

He was at the Vet yesterday and she says he's "Healthy as a ......"  

5.6 Stone worth....he loves a good romp in the sprinkler!

More motorcycle content.....a ride up into Red Wing's remodeled Memorial Park.

Mike has been busy, sharing, showing and WINNING with his various bike builds.  Hat's off Mike, great work and efforts acknowledged!!

Lauren's working in Rome... to my knowledge as of yet no audience with the Pope.

Peg did the biscuits, the Pork Tenderloin (on sale) came from City Meat Market in New Albin, the tomatoes from the garden and the Strawberry Rhubarb from Sunrise Bakery on Pa's Road.  Thanks for the recipe idea Paul, the grill and I did a fantastic job!

Did someone say food??  It was a lovely evening, time for dinner so I stopped at the KT convenience store and took my fixing to the park in Lake City.

Plus, there was another early morning Park Breakfast, details on the video channel.

Well, that about does it, what else could there possibly be?

Breakfast with Eric in Eleva for one....

I might think of something more later.  In lieu of that, we've got a big weekend coming.  

Stay tuned...


  1. Thanks for the tip of the cap.... me thinks the " lap dog " is gonna need his own luv seat...possibly a full couch :)

    1. You've got many gifts Mike and we're all lucky that you share them with us. The pup IS getting big!

  2. 5.6 stone, and he's not done yet, right? That's about the size of a small Equus Caballus! Olde English...Latin...we are so clever.

    1. Correct, very probably tipping the Stone scale at a hefty 8.6, possibly more. And yes, clever we are!

      Just back from a few days on the south shore, documentation to follow soon.