Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Wildcat Mountain Rally Quick Overview - Labor Day 2021

We had a great time.

The 1982 Honda 400 Automatic ran like a clock (the trailer had been hooked to the van just in case) although for a minute or so Saturday night I thought I might be w/o headlight.....an issue that magically resolved itself never to return. 

A lot of rain and it dawned on me that my first real rain riding of the year didn't happen until Labor Day weekend!!  That's very special and testament to our very very dry summer.  To make the best use of a wet late summer day, I once again visited the Vernon County History Museum.

Saturday my ride was planned (wandered) and executed to meet up with my friend KK that was mid-route on the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail.  It was great to rendezvous and get a report on how things were going.  I've since learned that he made the 'top', the essentially the northernmost point in Wisconsin on the Lake Superior Shore.