Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hiawatha BMW Rally 2015

It's been a whole week and I'm finally going to mention the highlights as I witnessed them.

My machine of choice for the weekend, set up in Touring Mode just like the big guys.

Eric and I arrived within just a minute or so of each other, quite by accident.  I registered first only because I got to the tent first. 

Leo's South was there once again with plenty of Demo machines for us to try.

Once Eric and I got setup and registered, we headed for Lanesboro for lunch, using Hwy 16 that follows the Root River.  It's the paved one.  After our dining, we followed the Root River again, only this time it was on the gravel.  This road is on the north side of the river, the bicycle/hiking path is in between.

Once back to Rushford, we took the Scenic Overlook road up to the top of the bluff.

The expansive lookout view over the valley.

Dave was there with his new sidecar rig on a K-bike, Dan was back with his K-bike rig, each one of them with their pups.

Theirs weren't the only rigs with extra wheels......Someone asked him how he decided to make it this particular length.  "....had a 10' piece and cut it in half...."  On the back of his V-Strom, he's a happy camper.

Eric and I went down to Houston for dinner, totally on Rapid Roy's endorsement and we'd both agree that Roy knew what he was talking about.  We got out of the cafe and saw what can only be described as black clouds to the west.  We no sooner got back to the campground and off our bikes.....

The Demo bikes getting a rinsing.....

John returning to camp, he's been out searching landscapes during the last couple of rallies.

Saturday morning we headed back to Houston for breakfast and I returned to camp and left Eric to do more exploring solo.  I was expecting my brother and Anna to ride down on their new HD and late morning that's just what happened so I wanted to stick close to the rally site.

My home away from home....

Dan's setup....hammocking once again....he and I both left our Helices at home.

Remember two weeks ago when I mentioned organized and tidy??

I spoke to Brad about his new big Yamaha....LOTS of machine for the asking price of this fine new '13 model.  He and I both agree that the white was extremely attractive.

Saturday evening's banquet, once again I was a winner of prizes.  A T-shirt and then a $100 gift certificate from a Twin Cities dealership.  If I'm not careful I'll be banned from these rallies unless I start showing up with the proper branding.

The pulled pork food lines.....

Sunday morning was clear and very crisp, coffee drinkers were waiting extra early for something dark and hot.  The sun was almost too slow in reaching the deeper parts of the valley.

Traditionally the Un-Quiet Zone but I happen to know the majority of these particular tent owners and they may have quite intentionally found the Quiet Zone.  Some sort of reverse something or other??

Everyone heading out and on their way home.

 I think I heard 252 attendees, a good turnout considering the forecast wasn't exactly conducive to record breaking attendance.

I joined Dave P for breakfast before seeing him off on his way back to Illinois.  Rather than take the long way home, I did a very straight line so that I could take one last afternoon ride with Ben before he left for GA.  I got home and asked, "which roads, which bikes?"


I'm already really missing my best riding partner, hopefully we'll be at it again someday.


  1. Awesome gravel roads. Glad you missed that rainstorm. Best watched from under a covered overhand and not through the visor.

    We are going to try and do more sightseeing on gravel roads this summer and maybe less of the single track in the OHV areas. The views are better and there are less people.

  2. looks like a good turn out. Love the sidecar rigs, that is ultra comfort. I wish we had more rallies around here, it would be fun. I think i need to venture out on gravel a bit more.

  3. Looks like a nice rally, not too many people. A good time to catch up with friends. A little rain but it sure beats too hot and humid...