Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lorem Ipsum - 2018

Peg asked, ".....which event is tomorrow again....??

After I responded with an upbeat tone....

"Maybe just take the sidecar."

Of the many rallies and events that I've ridden to now these last 14 years, none have provided quite the challenge that this annual event seems to have.  One year there was a close and personal connection with a guard rail, another year Lauren and I started out on the scooter only to be rescued by her mom with Helix transmission trouble.

Not only did I manage to both Go and Return this time, it was a Very Fine Grand Day Out.  Since I'd expected to see a bunch of the British Bike Cooperative riders in Viroqua and then didn't really, it was a good thing my day started out with a British theme.  Realizing that my planned first time breakfast stop at the River Cafe in Trempealeau was going to be far too far away for my first hot cup of coffee, I stopped at my favorite convenience store in Wabasha for a starter cup.  Dana was there as he was a couple of weeks ago, asking if I was headed to Mondovi again for breakfast.  Then he'd said hi and yesterday, we chanced upon another meeting.  Nice to meet you Dana, hope to see you again soon, same time, same place! :)

In Trempealeau at the River Cafe, I immediately see Full English Breakfast on the special's board and there it was in the menu as well.  Annie quickly said, "you'll want this for sure".

...and this was why she was so confident.....

HP Sauce, no mustard, no ketchup.....


 In Viroqua right around 11am for the official 'start'....Frank's bike was immediately drawing attention.

Glen was right in there checking out the gizmo' valve adjustment or shim replacement on this baby.

Darrel was there.  If you're not a subscriber to his newsletter, you should be.

Steve was there, hope to see you on the road again soon and nice to meet you!

Driftless Books is inside.....

I don't see grips like this everyday....

I went inside the bookstore and of course came out with one....there is a LOT to choose from.

Good Luck sir........

You never know what's going to show up....

Glen said, "I should have brought mine".  Not that large of crowd and 2 real owners....My TranZalp just a poor wannabe.

Not a Kawasaki but there's a very good chance he's got one of those too at home.

Eric and Cindy arrived after a hectic morning.  I didn't get a decent photo of the new rig but will.  It sure looks awesome!  According to Cindy, it appears to work just fine too.

Such a beautiful day, the decision seemed to be a universal one....we should be out riding.  I stopped on Hall Road to highlight the many buggy wheel tracks.

Not very crowded at The Goose.

A ceremonial stop at Kolbo Road...

It was a perfect day for a poor sense of direction (none of it really planned) and I was still south of Plainview when Peg texted "The music good, you should come".

So I did.....arriving just before 8PM

Red Wing's annual Rolling River Music In The Park Festival.

A 359 mile day, 15 hours and for the record, 15 hours is just about the perfect amount of time to cover 359 miles.  A good day though some of my friends missing at the last minute and if the BBC guys were there, there weren't enough of them on old stuff.

Of special note, Kammel Road is in fact now REALLY CLOSED.  It was closed the last time I was there but still ridable on whatever I was there on.  This time, no way could even the mighty Himalaya traverse that washed out mess.  I saw a signboard reporting that the Town Board held a meeting about culverts and road repair.  You guys better hurry, Kammel is reverting back to the way god created it.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Something Different

Early up and out, down in south central Minnesota at 8AM this morning and by 8:30, we had this loaded (in a misty shower).  Before getting back out on to the highway, I stopped to get a photograph before it got any dirtier. 

I was excited.

Home and a RAM ball mounted, I won't be adding much else to this one.  D.C. and E.C. already had the SAE pigtail installed though I may move it up and forward just a bit.

It's Friday and that meant fish....

A good test...60 miles....I found out what I need to know.  I'm still excited.

We're going to get along very well......but not tomorrow.  The new new one is going to finally get back on the road again for Lorem Ipsum.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Iowa 2018 Moto Guzzi Rally / William M. Black

A hot and sticky one, still fun as always.  Yes, there was some rain, we had a blast or two of wind, strong enough to put the beverage/cookie tent over against the pool building but on average, some fairly typical rally weather.  We knew attendance would be down; the competing BMWMOA National Rally was being held over in Des Moines and many of our Elkader faithful felt the strong pull of a National in our relative back yard.  They have already been forgiven but are expected, same time, same place next year.  Dennis took over from George this year and for those of us lucky enough to be their complete and waited upon guests, I think we'd all have to agree that we were well served and served well.  Dennis had help; I saw familiar faces that have given much in year's past right there in front carrying on as they had.  Mrs. Dennis (next year I'll introduce myself!) was there, just as Kaye always was half of George's team.  Thanks to you all!!

Some of the folks start the rally early but I headed down Friday morning, waiting for Jeff in Frontenac and he was right on time.

Taking a break in Mable, MN, right on the Iowa/Minnesota border.

Before leaving Mable, I texted Mike and Colleen, coordinating a lunch meet in Gunder, IA for a world famous Gunder Burger.

This was mine....

Mike making great use of sultry conditions...... he and Colleen had gone down early Thursday.

Jeff and I rode down almost completely rain-free, a small shower or two around Decorah.  Friday early evening in Elkader it got nasty; hard rain and harder wind. 

Hard wind to the extent that it blew our beverage/cookie shelter away.  It's over there, just around the corner, in a heap against the swimming pool building.

Big puddles and some very wet tents.

The first wave went through and then the Police came to check on us and let us know that another bunch of radar color was coming our way.

Louise and Randy rode through some of the worst of it.  Both 80+, Traverse City, MI is a long ways away.  Louise's Honda, Randy's Norge was off somewhere.

The pool still open Friday evening ....

Early Saturday brother Kevin and I hiked around a bit waiting for 6am coffee.  He'd planned on riding down after work on Friday but all sorts of challenges came up; he drove and hauled his CM400T, arriving around 9:30 that evening.

Madison Bill's 750 Breva, just like mine but better outfitted. 

Tom's quick, just not quick enough.  I really like Steve's V9....the color, how he's got it rigged up, etc.

The plan going into the weekend was to enjoy the pancake breakfast provided at the shelter and then ride down to Dubuque to visit the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium.  There are multiple exhibits and things to see, many of which I'd seen before but missed previously was the steam powered paddle wheel dredge, the William M. Black.  We had a nice ride down, managed our way through downtown traffic and got down to the harbor area. 


In the machine shop....


From there and only a few blocks away, the Shot Tower.

We left Dubuque, rode to Sageville where Kevin attempted to instruct us on a proper gas fill.  When he finally finished that, it was up C9Y to Balltown and Breitbach's for lunch.

Back in Elkader, the Pork Producer's were grilling the pork chops out behind the pavilion.

Ned's Auto & Motorcycle Repair Shop had items for sale and prizes to win.

Prizes weren't for the most part just given....they had to be earned.  My brother brought back an until this weekend dormant Coop skill that's most likely been in our bloodline for thirteen, fourteen generations, possibly even longer.  I was 75 yards away, my back turned to avoid the many certain accolades and continuous cheers; these videos shared with me only later ....thanks Mike, they mean the world to our family (I was actually calling our old loyal and regular-attending rally buddy Dave P, currently recuperating at home).

If this looks important to you, no need to feel left out.  M. Gladwell advises that 10,000 hours will bring Mastery.  It's now just after 8PM CDT as I write time like the present to get yourself started......10,000 is a lot!

I won't sign anything but honestly believe that actually very little alcohol if any was involved.


Waiting for pork chops, I hustled down to our tent to grab my Dinner Ticket for the evening meal.  The fine hostess that she is, Colleen supplied the beer and Mike supplied the nuts.  Problem was, none of the critters knew enough to go after the beer.  The nuts didn't fare as well.


Some were started and left for later??  You know how almonds are, you'll get one a bit more bitter here and there.  It wasn't like Mr. Squirrel was without options.

Kevin (other Kevin) was there.....

Paul was there....his wasn't the only machine serving as a dryer rack; humidity had found a home in the Elkader valley.

Bert was there....

Diana was there....

Dave and Dan were too.....along with Buddy and Jill.

The food line....

The crew with much of their work already completed.

Many, not sure how many, lined up for the parade through town.  On the Pro side, we didn't penetrate the Industrial Park this year.  On the Con side, city dwellers were all inside where the lucky ones were enjoying A/C.

Still, we tried.

Sunday'd think that 100% humidity would have been enough.

My brother's outfit....

A coffee break in Lansing....Horsfall's across the street.

474 miles for the Breva and I, ~140 attendees and another great Iowa Goose Rally.  Once again, thanks to everyone involved.