Friday, January 5, 2018

Little Help??

I've done my best but way, way better than that, I've had a couple of my friends that ARE good at this sort of sleuthing trying to help me figure this out.  We've got hints, a couple of hunches (which I won't divulge here to prevent sending things off in a wrong direction) of rough ideas of where this item's origins are.

It was in my dad's sister's things but that isn't really much of a clue.  She spent her entire life living with her parents, didn't get out much on her own and for all I know, didn't correspond independently with people outside of close family and family friends.  My best guess is that this is either something that was given to her or as in many of the discoveries I've been making in clearing out mom and dad's house, this is something that belonged or was given to her mother or dad (my grandparents).

As I've been mentioning, Gramp was never overseas, instead serving his country in Georgia and Indiana during the first World War and I don't think this is the City Seal from Terre Haute but then I shouldn't be assuming anything!

So, this is the piece of gold-colored jewelry that I found in one drawer of auntie's jewelry box.  Anyone out there in Radioland recognize the symbols, the meaning, the origin, club, organization, group, .....anything?

If you can provide a clue or know someone else that might help, I'd sure appreciate hearing about it.  Not that big of deal in the grand scheme of things but I've become very curious about this.

On a more relevant front, it's cold, it's snowy and things are happening in the garage but that's not all.  The State of Minnesota got richer today.  The way I've done it in the past and how I expect to do it the machines come into the shop to get ship-shape for Spring, their 'reward' is an updated license tab.  No one gets a sticker until they've been processed.  There are a few machines with plates designated CLASSIC which means they are perpetually Good To Go and don't get these trophies.

Then there's this.....

Basecamp remains in place on the Desktop, mapping, roads, campsites, Places Of Interest are accumulating as the daylight grows.

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year - 2018!!

We've had a very nice holiday week here; hope that you have as well.  I worked 3 days last week and will again this week and it would be so nice if it were the New Norm.  Already very comfortable with the longer weekends, they could continue as far as I'm concerned.

It was very cold in Fargo last Wednesday morning at 6:30 AM when I got to our customer's location.  After 2 days, it was nice to return to (then) balmy southern Minnesota.

Not much family traveling for us this time, lots of home time which is always a preference.  Eating was conducted with vigor and our traditional Christmas Eve marinated chicken wings quite possibly the best ever.  Both grandmothers were expected though neither made it, both of them hoping for warmer and healthier weather.  Two of our daughters made it and it was wonderful to meet Katlyn's new friend James.

My favorite Christmas present was from daughter Lauren,  her rendition of me on a gentle slope....

Between sorting and cleaning out mom's house, the holidays and what seems like almost any and everything else, there has been NO garage time so far this cold season.  I vowed a change on that front this week and only during the very last couple of days in '17 did it happen.

Cam chain tightener parts where they don't belong....

Carburetor parts getting some ultrasound waves, first rinse.

I just today finished up my annual holiday read's, Roughneck Grace was this year's last of the three.  I read it in small bites, a couple of columns at a time to savor it, taking most of December to do so.

Roughneck Grace: Farmer Yoga, Creeping Codgerism, Apple Golf and Other Brief Essays from On and Off the Back Forty

This morning's weather report, very closely resembling tomorrow's predicted weather report, though we are looking for some moderation mid-week.  The wind hadn't started yet when I was out to feed the cats.  It picked up later and unless you were in sheltered sunshine, it felt about like this all day.

Rides, rallies and recreational enjoyment plans for the season have begun and if you haven't tried it as a way to make winter pass more quickly, give it a go.

Wishing everyone...visitors, friends and family the very best in 2018!!