Saturday, September 26, 2015


Lots of projects around the house today, how I spent the day quite different than planned mid-week but that's OK, I can still adapt to change.  Lovely day, our oldest daughter stopped by for a visit and she brought her little pup, always a welcome thing for Grandpa since he misses having a dog around.  The cats and I are quite fond of each other but still......

So I was very busy outside, not with my 2 wheelers but another project that trumped riding today.  Even at that, there was some shopping that took place and the black scooter was my machine of choice.

While I toiled away out in the garage, Peg and Lauren were busy in the kitchen, using their multiple talents to create  Goodness.

This all that's left of their Wednesday effort......

Today's effort.......

I did my fair share in dealing with the last one, today's project went to others most likely more deserving.  Lauren is away this evening at a party so wherever she is, those folks are in for a treat.  An Apple Tart, made with our apples and the help of some Apricot Rum.  The texture, flavors.....I'm almost hurting myself just thinking about it, it was that good.

Our early afternoon lunch, more in keeping with the diet I'm mostly having these days.  I wasn't going to get a photo of this but it was just too pretty.

Crazy story about our apples.....when we planted our crab apple trees in the side yard, their survival was a miracle.  Our dog, the deer, our goats, our dog...all made life very challenging for one tree in particular and I have no idea why.

This one made it..... lovely in Spring and this season, this tree as so many other growing things in our area, grew and produced like they haven't before.  The 'fruit' of this Crab Tree had blossoms so plentiful and bright that it almost didn't seem real.

This tree, 20' away was the same variety of Crab.....

Yes, this WAS a Crab Tree.  As a youngster, our wild and domesticated pets were so hard on it that it as good as disappeared right down to the roots.  If it hadn't been so much work, I'd have dug it up.  Then it came back and what must have happened was that whatever had been grafted on failed and the original root stock grew.  We don't know which variety these apples are but Peg says they're the best baking apples she's ever used.  They aren't pretty so they're a bit tough to share with anyone else (we don't spray) but with a bit of care, I can stand in one place, pick from the ground and yield enough for multiple tarts.  Some, many in fact, are wormy but this tree produced this year to the extent that I can't mow underneath it and why branches haven't broken from the incredible weight of the fruit is a mystery to me.

The deer manage to keep the ground almost clean enough that I don't 'sauce' them with the mower.


  1. You never know what that original graft was, doesn't matter as long as it is tasty.

    We had a friend give us some home grown Fuji apples a few days ago. Last night after dinner I made an apple crisp. Yumm. Baking season is upon us.

    Those veggies look mighty yummy too. Taste the rainbow.

  2. Coop that tart recipe looks worth sharing. It's apple season and they seem to be coming into my house by the bushel bag from the local orchards.

  3. oooh.. aaaah.... I'll be over Monday... Tuesday.... take a break.. then Friday and I'll try for Saturday afternoon... coffee w/French vanilla works.. oooh... :)

  4. Oh my that looks fantastic! I am getting hungry just looking at the tart.