Sunday, January 26, 2020

January Saturday Sunday

Some motorcycle content first since that's how the day started.  Another early drive up to Minneapolis for coffee at Diamonds, then down to Scooterville for 2020's Cabin Fever.

SYM.....I admired their scooters and I admire this Wolf CR 300i.  At this point I do not own one.

There were some very fine prices on used machines....

Apparently there's Off Season demand for scooters!

Haven't owned a Vespa yet......

Speaking about Vespa....there's an event coming this summer to Minneapolis!

Back to Red Wing and up the hill to see mom.  Relatives of ours have put together some incredible history of their/our family....a DVD, a book, a VERY complete 2" three ring binder of genealogy charts, stories, information, etc. so we spent some time looking through everything and discussing a branch of the family I knew very little of, at least that's the way it was.  I've been busy updating one of the ancestry sites online and this information, at least some of it will find its way there.

Mild weather and a change of plans found me out for a late afternoon stroll in town.  A fine loop down to the river and back again; slushy sidewalks the only challenge, otherwise a lovely walk-a-bout.

Original entry for the Historic St. James Hotel....back when the river boats and trains were the main transportation options.

Red Wing AMTRAK and Red Wing Arts at The Depot

Red Wing's Japanese Sister City's display.....

Red Wing Marine Museum... Red Wing Motor Company, former producer of Thorobred Marine engines, a FREE museum showing off restored power units.

Must have been a hot day on the river....

Red Wing's Boat House harbor....

A nice hike and I'll be doing more of these.

Sunday, went back to the house to do some laundry and while that was churning, spent some time in the shop.  New clutch dogs required, luckily I had some on the shelf, originally purchased for the Helix. Rollers required, a belt and those were on the shelf, originally for the Helix as well.

A potential Mouse House and they'd found this one.

Finally, some more wildlife....the March of the Turkeys.


  1. Even though you are now urbanites, you still spend time in the shop. That doughnut shop sounds deadly...

    1. With my recent schedule, I just may spend more time in the shop being away than I did when 40 feet close.

      You're right Richard, great care needs to be taken upon stepping through their door.

  2. Suffered a bit of sticker shock on some of those scooters. A buddy keeps his houseboat in Red Wing...doesn't freeze over....Next.. a hike to the overlook..... YES ! and what, ? ! no photo !

    1. I stayed low this weekend, along river's edge. The lookout IS accessible, but only via a very slippery road.

  3. "At this point I don't own one."
    Uh huh....that is a very accurate sentence.

    1. I try to avoid embellishment; sticking to the current truth seemed prudent.

  4. I like that white scheme. Similar enough to the lovely Yamaha XSR900...which is reminiscent of my of my former love RZ350...which is reminiscent of all those for-real race bikes.

    1. Looks seldom rank very high on my Choice list but I think this white machine very attractive, giving it a huge head start.