Sunday, July 9, 2017

Iowa Moto Guzzi Rally, Elkader - 2017

After a couple of extremely sultry days mid-week, the weather over our Rally weekend was just about ideal.

Who wouldn't want to be part of this???

My very first rally in 2005, I've not missed one in Elkader since then.  George and Kaye (plus volunteers) have been coordinating this rally longer than I've been attending, finally earning the chance to step aside and take a breath.  We owe them a debt of gratitude for the easy fun and pleasure that this rally has been for so many years.  Dennis and crew have graciously stepped forward to continue the traditions and good times and we can't wait for 2018.

I left Friday morning at 5:30, a morning impossible to improve upon.  I planned to stop at my normal Sideways Sun location to get a photo but I was too early, that spot was still in the shadows.

Mike and Speedy had gone down early on the 4th, got setup and did some exploring around the region during the week.

Two Mikes......all of us Iowa Riders for a weekend.

Once I was setup, lunch time was getting close, Rod was soon arriving so we decided to try a Gunderburger in Gunder.

 IIRC, the "Loaded Cheeseburger" at a half pound was predominant at our table.

Friday afternoon's weather was perfect for some Iowa exploration; the trip down and my loop to the southwest....a fantastic 270 mile day

Back at the City Park in Elkader....

No question about it, Johnson's serves food....

.......that people line up for.

I promised Paul and Cindy a photo of Friday's plating ....but I got so excited about mine, I ate it before I remembered.  I did however manage the discipline to get a photo of Saturday's meal (See below).

Friday night, a huge bright moon and a bluebird Saturday morning, our Ride for the day....

Seven bikes managed to keep up with the Royal Enfield on a roughly 160 mile loop.  Honestly, their patience in putting up with me all day much appreciated.  We had quite the variety of machines; numerous makes and persuasions.

 The overlook, downtown McGregor.

 A stop at Pike's Peak State Park......

I pulled into the parking lot of the beautiful church on the hill in New Vienna, thinking that we'd stop for a break and stretch our legs.....

Ken reminded us about the many buildings like this in relatively close proximity to each other....all of us wondering what it must have taken to build and keep these holy structures.

The priest saw us stopped there and right away offered the picnic tables and more shade in the park out behind the church.  We also learned more about the building, the area, local tractor parades.....a very kind and warm welcome!  Here Dave was worried about being asked to go in for Confession....but it never happened.

Thanks to Diana, Ken, Bert, Dan, Dave, Jeff and Kevin for a great ride!!

Saturday evening, our traditional pork chop meal, prepared for us by the local Pork Producers and served to us by Royalty.

The Pork Princess at work.....

Also in this photo, the woman just served, our Cookie Master.  1000 cookies for the weekend and I have it on good authority, the Peanut Butter's are exquisite.

 Miss Pigtail serving the ice cream.....


What everyone was standing in line for.....

After the meal, the bikes lined up for the parade through town.  As a parade participant AND a sidecar rider w/o passenger, I was requested to chauffeur the Pork Princess and for some reason was instructed to "Stand Here."

Miss Pigtail (Emme) and Pork Princess (Macie), two very Royal young women.

The Princess rode with me and Miss Pigtail rode behind us in the Morgan.....

In front, this was what the Princess and I saw.....

Some of our candy recipients.....

 It's a lot better seeing the flashing lights in front than it is in the rear view mirrors

The back of this year's T shirt....

Packed up Sunday morning and almost ready to go...

The ride home....

The weekend....

Remember those cherries I picked last weekend??

(Karen, I waited all weekend for a slice even after Mike shared every pie cafe location that was within miles!)


  1. What a wonderful weekend and beautiful region to ride!

  2. Beautiful area. Though a long trip at RE speeds.

    1. Richard, we did quite well together. Not sure about average travel speed, but the RE/Cozy has nothing to apologize for :)

  3. I'm wondering if the vintage MG in pic 13 is the same one I saw in Paris, Ontario vintage rally 3 weeks ago ...

    1. Ed, thanks for stopping by! The bike came home from Ethiopia when that guy wearing shorts in the photo came home from Serving. My oldest friend at the Rally, I'm positive that his '34 has never been to Ontario. (Bike still has the Ethiopian license plate)

  4. It was a great lucky to have such a great group of friends to share the event, food, travels, & of course awesome bikes the 3 days could not have been more your pictures!

    1. Speedy, thanks again. We all had a really good time, lucky for the weather and time together.

  5. Who knew you'd be hob-nobing with royalty...but the real question, did you have ice cream with that cherry pie?

    1. Never in my wildest dreams.

      There was a special trip made for the good stuff; white with the tiny brown specs.

      And it was good.... :)

  6. It was a great weekend. Thanks again for allowing me to tag along on Saturday. Ken serenity.

    1. It truly was Ken, so nice to meet you, a pleasure having you along on the ride. Hope to see you at another rally again soon!

  7. Yumm, that pie has to be my favorite picture of the post. Having said that though, it looks like a fabulous weekend with perfect weather. Well done.

    1. Brandy, the pie is/has been good!!

      Maybe sometime you two can join us at one of these gatherings??

  8. Great time.. friendly event.. Congrats to " Sir " Cooper for answer'n the call to duty.

    1. Mike, it truly was again. Doesn't really seem that long ago that we first met down there...will always remember that ride to/from Postville.

      I was called and did my duty.