Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day - A Good One

Normally I Post my entries in chronological order but this time is going to be an exception.  Yesterday I spent all day at our VJMC/AMCA Motorcycle Show at the MN State Fairgrounds, the theme "50 years of Flower Power" and the photographs and story lines are still being sorted, prioritized and compiled.


None of that is done yet, so I'm going to add this Post about today, Father's Day 2017, ahead of it.

A cold front went through over the last number of hours and our weather is cooler, the air dryer.  Waking up very early to cool rain showers, I found it quite easy to sit back and enjoy a cup or two before even going outside.  I had a few other little projects to take care of, received many "Happy Father's Day" wishes from friends and family, even a Voxer from Ben in Kuwait.  Each and every one very much appreciated, thank you all!

The rain blew through, a few chores were completed and it was Riding Time!!

 These poor township roads have really suffered, too many washouts everywhere.  Based on what I saw here, I'm guessing that they tried to fix the problem and it (the large culvert) got away from them anyway.

Through the weeds, you can see the culvert downstream broadside.....

Watching some really dark (and rain-dropping) clouds, I was mindful of which direction I was riding when.  I managed to avoid more than just a few drops, though did get quite a bit of roadspray over near Eleva only minutes after a downpour had moved through.

Speaking of Eleva, I stopped for what I had hoped would be a late lunch but I was 30 minutes late for their 2PM closing time, so on I went, ending up at Beth's in Nelson.  The smoked pork chop was very good, the strawberry-rhubarb pie even better ......

.....but the very best part was the completely by chance dining at a table next to Ihor and his son Alex.

In profile, I thought the gentleman next to me seemed familiar and I will admit to doing a bit of eavesdropping, subject matters discussed reinforcing my hunch by the minute.  More than once I stole a few glances at the back of his Tshirt, his suspenders hiding only a few of the details of the image beneath.  Waiting patiently until they were finishing up, not wanting to interrupt, I asked, "By chance, is your name Ihor?"

I didn't even need his answer when he faced me head-on, I knew who it was.

Not sure how many years ago it was, on my way home from work in Mpls one afternoon, I noticed a stranded bike tucked in a driveway along the highway.  I slowed and as I passed, saw the Norton and rider.  At the next median crossing, I turned and went back.  Ihor introduced himself, gave me a business card (I still have it) and showed me his broken clutch cable.  Not needing help, Ihor explained that his friend 'Coffee John' (a mutual friend!) had already gone home to retrieve a trailer.  Accomplishing nothing other than a wonderful and lengthy discussion, I left Ihor and the temporarily broken Norton beside the highway.

Since that time, Ihor has kept me on his very interesting and entertaining email list.  So nice to see you again Ihor and to meet Alex as well.  Once more, happy Father's Day!

The bright blue Caddy convertible made a very stately exit from Beth's Twin Bluffs by the way :)


  1. These road washouts are nasty. When it happens in our neck of the woods, it usually gets fixed within a day or two. I believe there is a special disaster budget for such stuff.

    1. Sonja, 'a disaster budget' probably was in place. Our issue has been that we just keep getting these big rainstorms and sadly, some of these destroyed water crossing repairs look as though they'll be a long time in coming.

  2. So glad you had an enjoyable Father's Day as well as a wonderful ride! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Eric, you know these roads as well as I's hard to have anything but a wonderful ride!!

  3. So jealous. We went for a ride on Sunday too, but we didn't get any pie!

    1. Brandy, pie is on your "OK" menu list....don't put off stopping! :)