Monday, February 6, 2012

Honda Pacific Coast

After joining and attending a regional Honda Sport Touring Association rally (on the Ducati; all were welcome) I became interested in the discontinued Honda Pacific Coast, an 800cc V twin with a storage 'trunk' in the rear.  I found a nice used '97 locally.

Deciding that while the passenger seat space was perfectly adequate for me to strap a duffel bag on, I thought it would be fun to go one better by designing and machining a rear luggage rack.  Note the Hyperlites below the rear rail of the rack; added to provide more rear-facing visibility.  The PC800's tail/brake lights are nicely large, but they are positioned quite low.  Adding these lights up higher, combined with the triangulation of three lights, gave my 'followers' a bit more perspective on what was happening ahead of them.


  1. I really like your rear rack and would like to get (or make one) for my PC. do you have templates from fabrication or other information on how you did this. Thanks, Richard

    1. Richard, thanks. I should have prints here and will send you everything I have, might take a day or two. Doug

    2. Richard, I too really like the rack on your PC. Will you send me the information about purchasing or fabrication information.