Wednesday, November 23, 2022

We Are Thankful - 11/23/2022

For so many people and, friends, good health, jobs, free time, motorcycles, riding motorcycles....the list does go on.  Modern communication makes it wonderfully easy and convenient to keep in touch...Hungary, the Caribbean, Arizona, Minneapolis, our immediate family current locations.  We've been blessed, lucky and are thankfully, happy.  We truly hope that you can say the same.

The garden has been a lot of work, rewarding work and late-season gratifying for all that it has given back.  Here's a look at our season and hopefully we'll continue to learn to do an even better job.

April 28th...

Early rhubarb....

June 13th......

Father's Day, June 19th

My first salad...

June 26th...

July 1st...

I wanted to grow kohlrabi's....and we got 'em.  Thanks Uncle Dale for the inspiration but I really miss joining you in your garden when you pulled your knife and container of salt out of your coveralls!

Black Caps from our brushy areas...

July 18th... only a small sample of the green beans we froze

Chequamegon National Forest berries, two colors, not ours.

July 29th.... Farmer's Market dill

Refrigerator AND canned pickles....

Fermenting cabbage in the crock...

August 5th...

Chickens getting their dustbath in an empty bed....entertainment that just doesn't quit.

August 12th...

One of my Quick Overnights...the rice was not grown in our garden.

September 11th....

More decorative pumpkins than we wanted, not as many squash.

September 17th.... shallots drying and now in cool storage

Monster carrots....they make a wonderful soup!!

My first dried peppers...later much refined as the batches increased!

An artichoke past its prime...

Lots of help digging potatoes....

Our small crop of Zebra Dry Beans...

October 23rd....radishes hidden and forgotten about!

Our last tomatoes, greenhouse-grown.

Enjoy our holidays, be not hungry but safe and warm!


  1. Next time eye'm in the hood.. eye'll steal the radishes ... a sprinkle of salt... ( please leave salt shaker outside ) :)

    1. There's a small shelf with a small shaker, next to the garage ;)

  2. A great year! We don’t take it for granted.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. Thanks Eric, it most certainly was. Hope your holiday was a grand one!

  3. Such a beautiful garden! The eating photos show respect and pleasure. Glad to see rhubard. 👍

    1. Thanks much! The growing and the eating are an experience that provide a special and unique satisfaction. Our rhubarb was shared with many, those plants have a lot to be proud of.

  4. Very nice. Some how I had a bad tomato year. Eat your veggies

    1. Thanks Rod. Like you, our tomatoes were less than stellar but our peppers and green beans made up for it. Very wise counsel on healthy eating.

  5. Wow what an awesome garden! Impressive…bountiful & beautiful…thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving….Colleen

    1. Thanks Colleen, it was all more fun than I thought it would be :)